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CHILD LABOR: What CAN they do?

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June 12, 2012, 10:10 pm → version: 3
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tildee tutorial imageThis is a UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) video made to highlight

the continued and growing child labor disaster in Africa. Although it is

not isolated only to Africa, it is there that most problems of this kind are

implemented and practised. Below is a short video, pics and questions

related to one such horrible situation.


Who are the children depicted in this video?

Where are they located?

What do they have to do?


tildee tutorial imageWho is this woman, and why is she so angry?

What CAN she do to help her son?

What CAN the children to do to survive?

How old is it before a child CAN be considered old enough for work?


tildee tutorial imageWhat does the narrator say CAN happen for children who work in child labor?

Why do the children think they CAN do the work?

How much education CAN a child in this part of the world expect to get?

How much money CAN the children earn?


tildee tutorial imageEQs:

How do you feel about this growing situation?

How CAN people consider this as an option?

What CAN governments do to stop or at least reduce it?

How CAN adults honestly accept this a normal thing for children to do?

CAN you think of any examples of child labor in your country?

CAN you think of any other child labor situations around the world?
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