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QR Codes: What and How

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July 19, 2011, 12:20 pm → version: 1
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tildee tutorial imageQR stands for Quick Response. It is basically a barcode that can hold a significant amount of information and even perform actions. They look like this.


tildee tutorial imageA QR Code is read by an application on a cellphone. The application scans the code, decodes it, and then presents the material on your phone.


tildee tutorial imageWhen you scan the code, you could receive anything from a ready-to-send text message, a prompt to call a number, a link to website, a box of text, or contact information.


tildee tutorial imageQR Codes do not have to be small, like this poster for a movie that people can scan to take them to the movie website, but they mostly are small, in books or on products.


tildee tutorial imageYou need to have a phone with a camera and availability to the internet to use QR Codes, but you also need an application that can read them such as, QRreader (pictured to the left), Barcode Generator, ScanLife, or QRscanner.


tildee tutorial imageIf you want to create your own QR Codes to use, you will need a Code Generator. Some of these mobile apps have code generators with them, but for other online sources check out, (pictured to the left),,, and , these are just some of the many sites that deal with QR Codes.


tildee tutorial imageInput the URL (Web address) you want to link to in the "URL:" box and click "Generate!". Now you have a QR Code for that web address and you can copy it, share the link, embed it into a blog or website, or you can print it out.


tildee tutorial imageUsing QR Codes in the classroom: First off, you can place codes in your presentations (if the students have access to the slides) to link to videos, additional materials, or anything you didn't have time to get to in class, but you think your students should know.


tildee tutorial imageCodes can be placed anywhere in the classroom, but an important place for them is in textbooks. There is always additional information that could be interesting or important for students to know and QR Codes can lead them to online forums, discussion groups, or audio/visual material related to the text.


tildee tutorial imageCodes can also be used on handouts and classroom materials to link the students to response questions, surveys, and additional information or websites.


That is a quick overview of QR Codes, if you have any more questions about QR Codes in education visit for more information.
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