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How to add photos to a shared Google map --and avoid Google Maps Rage!

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August 6, 2011, 4:51 pm → version: 6
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How to add photos to a shared Google map --and avoid Google Maps Rage! 4 by 4 users
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tildee tutorial imageBefore you can add your own photos, you have to store them online (on Picasa or Flickr for example) so that each has its own url.


tildee tutorial imageUse the link to the shared map to get there (I know, obvious, but I had to start somewhere!)
Once there, add it to your maps. Click the link: Save to My Places.


tildee tutorial imageJust a word of caution:
When landing on the page of the shared map, you will see an Edit button in the sidebar. Do not click on it. This button is used to edit the map itself (description, etc.) and can easily be confused with the Edit Placemark button that we'll use later on.


tildee tutorial imageIf you already did, just click on the Done button that appears.


tildee tutorial imageClick on the link My Places.

In the Search field, type the location (name or address) to which you want to add a photo.

Click on the name of the location in the sidebar: a popup window appears over the pin of the address in the map.

Click on the Save to map link at the bottom of it and select the map of your choice from the dropdown menu.

Click on the View map link that will appear at the top of your page.


tildee tutorial imageYou can now add a photo, some text or links. To do this:

In the sidebar, click on the placemark that you've just added and click the Edit button (yes, the same that could be confused with the Edit button that applies to the map itself).


tildee tutorial imageYou'll be prompted to enter a title and description for the marker

To add a photo, click on the Rich text link. Icons appear. Click on the last icon of the row (it looks like a framed picture)

A new dialog box appears asking for the url of the photo you want to add; paste the url into the box and click OK. But please see Step 8 before you do that.


tildee tutorial imageImportant: to make sure that the url is correct, open your image on the site that hosts it and right click on the image itself and chose Copy Image Location.

Copying the url from the address bar when viewing the page containing the image will ot work (trust me on this, it took me two hours to figure it out!).


tildee tutorial imageClick on the Done button in the lefthand side panel


tildee tutorial imageWhen you select that map and click on the placemark, the photo will appear with the indications
you gave.


Many thanks to Simon Hill who makes great tutorials and inspired me!
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