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Science tutorial

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April 27, 2011, 6:57 am → version: 1
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Different types of chemical reactions are:
1. Combination reactions:
The reactions in which a single product is formed from two or more reactants is called a combination reaction.
1..Respiration in humans.
2.The decomposition of vegetable matter into compost is also a combination reaction.

2. Decomposition Reactions:
The reactions in which a single product is broken down into two or more components , it is called a decomposition reaction.
Types of these reactions:-
a.) Thermal decomposition reactions
b.) Electric decomposition reactions
c.) Photolytic reactions

1.Decomposition of silver chloride in to silver and chlorine by light
2Decomposition of silver bromide into silver and bromine.

3.Displacement reactions:
These are the reactions in which a metal placed above other in the reactivity series of metal displaces other metal placed below it from its salt is a displacement reaction.
Iron replaces copper from copper sulphate to form ferrous sulphate and give out copper.
Zinc replaces copper from copper sulphate to form zinc sulphate and give out copper

4. Double displacement reactions

5. Oxidation Reduction Reactions
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