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An ODE to CAN 5 by 33 users
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tildee tutorial imageHH presents to you a really nice and easy poem. It describes the the use

of 'CAN' and 'CAN'T'. The ode (from the Ancient Greek ὠδή) is a type of

lyrical verse. It is full of emotion and makes you realize how some

grammatical words really do affect you in ways that you never thought



There's a four lettered word
As offensive as any
It holds back the few
Puts a stop to the many.
You can't climb that mountain
You can't cross the sea
You can't become anything you want to be.
He can't hit a century
They can't find a cure.
She can't think about leaving
or searching for more.
Because can't is a word with a habit of stopping
The ebb and flow of ideas
It keeps dropping itself where we know
in our hearts it's not needed
And saying "don't go"
when we could have succeeded.


tildee tutorial imageBut those four little letters
That end with a T
They can change in an instant
When shortened to three.
We can take off the T
We can do it today
We can move forward not back
We can find our own way.
We can build we can run
We can follow the sun
We can push we can pull
We can say I'm someone
Who refuses to believe
That life can't be better
With the removal of one
Insignificant letter.


Now, that you have read and watched Toni Colette give her interpretation HH would

like you to make TWO lists. On the left, WRITE DOWN TEN THINGS YOU THINK

YOU CAN'T DO. On the right, opposite the 'can't dos' WRITE SOLUTIONS TO HOW YOU CAN.

Once you get stuck, ask your class friends for their ideas on solutions to your 'CANTS'


Michael Jordan, probably the greatest basketball player to have ever graced an NBA

court had a difficult teenage hood. But he never gave up and knew that, "I CAN" do it

was the only thing that could get him away from his troubles and poverty. Watch the

video with the brilliant song by R.Kelly, "I BELİEVE I CAN FLY." This CAN inspire you to write and

talk about the things you ONLY THINK you can't do.
What do you think about this tutorial ?