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Added by Bojan51
March 11, 2020, 5:12 pm → version: 1
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 With around 100 million active users from around the globe, TikTok is now one of the biggest social networks. was its former name until it was changed to what is known right now as TikTok. 600 million videos are posted and shared every day by users. The platform is one of the sources online of the most shared and live stream on the web.  TikTok users definitely take pleasure in seeing and even creating their own types of videos. Topics of the videos could vary in 15 seconds to 1-minute length limit. Some of the trendiest themes are dance crazes, funny lip-syncs and a hilarious dialogue from their favorite films. You can have your friends view the videos you made. Make them laugh too. But if you just want to create and edit more videos, you may think of other apps and editing applications to utilize. This post can assist you guide on how to download TikTok videos to your computer or Smartphone via

  TikTok Videos Utilizing your Mobile phone.Either you are utilizing iPhone or Smartphone, it doesn’t matter. You must have TikTok installed on it. When you have launched the TikTok application try to find the Account icon on the main window. You can usually find it on the bottom right side. Listing of videos will be shown on your profile page. Tap one of them you would like downloading. The video will play quickly. Share icon can be found while the video is playing. Download option can be found with the other choices if you tap  that Share icon. The video will be saved on your gallery or your preferred destination. 

 TikTok Video Downloader from Google Play App StoreThere are many applications offered on the Google Play store. You can choose the best TikTok video downloader according to your preference and use of comfort. Install it to your device. Open the TikTok application and look for the video you intend to have a copy. Video chosen must play immediately after it was tapped. Of all choices accessible, select the Copy Link option as you will be needing that link on the TikTok Video downloader application you just installed. A preview will be displayed on that app after you pasted the link you copied. Choose the option to download the video on that page. As compared to the first method above, the download time of this method is a lot faster.  

Use an Email as your TikTok Video DownloaderAnother one of the options you can find on TikTok to share is to share through an email address. With it, we'll be able to use an Email as our choice of TikTok video downloader. Stick to the same ways as above, until you get to the Share button. Pick the Email option in sharing it. Complete the required data in the blank boxes. Emailed video must be received by the receiver. Open the e-mail to download the video either within your phone or computer.  There should be no problem on the process as long as you just followed the instructions. A short moment of your time will be required. You can download TikTok videos as many as you can.

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