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SEM—Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing, or SEM, represents a sum of marketing procedures meant to increase the way a website is seen in search engine results pages.

These marketing procedures are made of: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, paid inclusion feeds and social media optimization.

Search engine optimization consists of a set of methods designed to make the website more accessible with the help of search engines, meaning identify the keywords and underline them ore use them more frequently. Pay per click advertising consists of pop-up ads or simple ads on other pages that redirect the visitor to a certain page,; it referees to those annoying pop-ups or shining banners that promises you something and when you actually click the page you get on a totally different page. Paid inclusion fees mean that the client pays the search engine to include him to a list of search results, but there are certain rules that must be respected in this case. This can mean that the client pays to be included in the search results or just pays for the number of times his page is accessed; in this case it being included for free in the search results. Internet Marketers tried to diminish the use of search engine for promotional use and to optimize their efficiency.

Putting ads or editing results which are paid to be there, in an area visually divided from the results that are generated in a normal way is considered to be ethical. Unethical is when a search engine permits and helps the ranking of a website through paid methods.

The only ones who can assure top placement are the search engines and the only way they can do that is through sponsored listing. Any other provider that promises you top ranking is trying to deceive you. Until now nobody has complained about the sponsored links as long as they are showed as such. Plus, this is the only legal way in which a search engine can include a certain webpage that paid into the top search results.

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