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NIDI(Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging):Part 2, Seeing if there is cancer present, how much & where...(Using free photo editor)

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November 29, 2016, 6:42 pm → version: 1
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NIDI(Non Invasive Diagnostic Imaging):Part 2, Seeing if there is cancer present, how much & where...(Using free photo editor) 4 by 11 users
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tildee tutorial image

Take a picture & upload it to (choose Browse, then find your pic in your computer or mobile device)...


tildee tutorial image

Choose Adaptive Equalize from the drop down menu called ADJUST...


tildee tutorial image

Choose Sharpen from the drop down menu called ADJUST...


tildee tutorial image

In SHARPEN slide the slider all the way to the right...On a mobile device, tap the slider at the far right to make it go APPLY...


tildee tutorial image

Choose COLOR SATURATION from the ADJUST menu...


tildee tutorial image

Move the slider all the way to the RIGHT...Or change the number in the box from 50 to 100...Click SET SATURATION when done...


tildee tutorial image

Choose CONTRAST from the ADJUST menu...


tildee tutorial image

In CONTRAST, hit the + button 5 times in a row slowly...(wait for page to reload before hitting it again!!!)


tildee tutorial image

Now go to FILTERS & choose THERMAL EFFECT from the drop down Menu...


tildee tutorial image

In FILTERS again, choose HDR LIGHTING from the dropdown menu...


tildee tutorial image

Now go back to ADJUST & choose the first choice which is ADJUST LIGHT LEVELS...


tildee tutorial image

IN Adjust Light levels there are 3 sliders...Slide all three, one at a time, slowly, to the LEFT...(on a mobile device, enlarge the picture, then TAP the bar at the far LEFT to make it go there)...

So Contrast, then Highlights, then Shadows, all the way to the LEFT please...

Click APPLY when done...(don't forget!)


tildee tutorial image

Now in Adjust again, choose the second choice which is ADJUST COLORS... 


tildee tutorial image

In Adjust Colors, you are going to click ALL THREE choices, slowly, one after another...

So click in SWAP COLORS Red & Green, then Green & Blue, then Blue & Red...

Click APPLY when done, don't forget!


tildee tutorial image

Last step!!! In ADJUST again, choose NORMALIZE...


tildee tutorial image

The colour PURPLE in Lunapic is Phosphorus which is a Cancer marker...(not the pink!) See the purple area in this breast lump? That is where the cancer is...(a tumour is usually just a fraction cancer & the rest is nothing to worry about)...Also note:Cancer does not always sit on a tumour-sometimes it sits in a corner near to a tumour...That is normal...Don't always expect the purple to be right on a tumour area...(Very Pale purple or mauve indicates high Phosphorus levels & a pre-cancer stage...Many doctors just call this cancer too...)


That purple area, the Phosphorus responds well to the Copper family, which includes for example:

Eating Cilantro leafs

Eating Coriander seeds

Drinking coffee(like 6 cups a day)

Drinking tea(strong & more is better again)

Buy a bag of licorice root from a herb store online...Take 1/3 cup licorice root, simmer in 3 cups good water for 15 minutes or so, then drink daily...This will make the purple in your picture go away...You will be able to see it happen...When your lump is benign there will be no more purple in the picture...(I did this using licorice root by the way-other forms work too-capsules, tincture, just make sure it is very very strong daily...Not the dilute tea bags type of thing...This is medicine, not for taste sorry!)

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