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Google Docs - set up a form, sharing and viewing results

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Log into your Gmail account.  If you do not have one, go to and in the upper right corner click "Create An Account".


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On the tool bar above your email, click on the "Drive" button.


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On the left side of the screen click "Create" and select the type of document you want to create.  

Folder - just a way to organize your docs

Document - like a Word doc

Presentation - similar to PowerPoint

Spreadsheet - like Excel

Form - Fillable and puts the results in a Google spreadsheet

Drawing - like an interactive whiteboard


Select "Form".


The first thing you will be asked to do is to name your form and choose a template.  Complete both.  With Google forms you are limited to the templates they provide.  There is a way you can customize  a banner but that is not something for another day.


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Start typing in your first question.  Under question type select from your options.  You must have a question title but the help text is not required.  


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When you are done with your question decide if it is a required question and if it is put a check in the "Required question" box.  


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If you are finished with your form click the "Done" button.  If you want to add another question click "Add item" or the down arrow next to the "Add item" button to quickly select the question type.  


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When done click the "Done" button as shown above.  You can edit any question by simply mousing over it and using the controls that appear to the right.  You can also rearrange the questions the same way, simple left click and drag.


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To view your completed form click on the "View live form" button located below the toolbar.  You should see all the questions you entered along with the template you selected. 


To edit this form, in the upper right corner you will see an "Edit this form" button.  Click here to return to edit mode.  


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Now you are ready to send the form out to your participants.  At the bottom of the form page you will see some options.  Put checks in the boxes you wish to enforce.  Then click on "Send form".  In the box type in the email address of your recipients.  Then click "send".  You should be taken back to the form, minus the pretty template you chose in step 5.


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What you have created thus far is a form and you have sent it out to others to complete.  The magic of Google Doc is it's collaboration features.  It is time to add collaborators.  Under the File menu, located in the toolbar under the document title click File --> Add Collaborators  


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In the "Invite People" box add the email addresses of the people you want to give access to.  As an editor, they can make any change to the form so choose wisely.  At the very bottom of the form you will see "Editors will be allowed to add people......" and you have the option to change.  You might want to look at this option if you don't want your collaborators to edit the form.

1) Add Message - Google will send a generic invite with the link.  You can add custom text to it here.

2)  Can edit - this is where you tailor the permissions for each user.

3)  Send a copy to myself - this will include you in the new invite that is sent out (I do this just so I have a copy in the event someone misplaces the invite, you can forward)

When done, click "Share & save". Then click "Done".


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Back in "Edit" mode you will also see a "View responses" option the bar beneath the tool bar.  Clicking here will take you to the Google Spreadsheet to view the responses.  


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At anytime you want to look at your responses return to your Google Drive and click on the parent folder.  You should see the files listed.  There will be 2, one is the form the other is the responses.


Now it is time to sit back and wait for people to complete your form.  Most Google docs work the same way when it comes to the sharing and collaboration features.  Enjoy!

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