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Scrible: What and How

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July 28, 2011, 10:21 am → version: 2
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tildee tutorial imageScrible is an online editing tool that allows you to highlight text, add notes, edit sections, organize, share, and save web browser pages. And all of that is done online, no Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.


tildee tutorial imageFirst of all go to


tildee tutorial imageClick on the "scrible Toolbar" button and a prompt window will open up asking you about terms and conditions, click "continue".


tildee tutorial imageNow click and hold the "scrible Toolbar" button and drag it to your bookmark bar to keep it there for easy access when you are working online.


tildee tutorial imageNow click on your "scrible Toolbar" in the bookmark bar and your toolbar will pop up at the top of your page. You will see quite a few options for editing text which we will go over.


tildee tutorial imageFirst you have a highlighter, notes, and text color, each with different color options. Then you have the option to make text bold, underlined, italicized, and strikethrough.


tildee tutorial imageFurther right on the toolbar you have the undo and redo arrow-buttons, the view changes and notes buttons, and the show/hide legends button.


tildee tutorial imageLastly, you have the email, save, and help buttons, and the close scrible toolbar button.


tildee tutorial imageWhen you press the save button (the floppy disk icon), you can input the Page Name, any comments you want to leave for yourself, and any tags so that finding this page later will be easier for you. Then click the "Save" button.


tildee tutorial imageNow you have a page saved to your personal Scrible library 'in the cloud', which means you can access these saved scrible pages anywhere from any computer that has an internet connection. You now know how to edit and save pages using Scrible.
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