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Turn photos into oil paintings

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Turn photos to oil paintings!

The tradition of portrait painting was widespread before the development of photography. Royal as well as aristocratic families had paintings of family members from generations. All the engaged couples used to send paintings to one another prior to their marriage.

 Traditional portrait painting has now been replaced by photography. As pictures are known to face with time it is the oil painting which will last for a number of generations. Portrait painting is something which becomes a family souvenir and an item which depends on the family roots.

Making oil paintings from pictures will require a lot of skill as well as patience. A lot of painters are not successful in creating the reflection as they are not well painted. Such a painting can last for about a week but basically it depends on the size as well as the complexity of the painting. At times a few might think that having such a painting is not affordable. It is because you will think that such paintings will cost you high. The truth is that there is no need for you to come from a royal family to have your hand painted oil portrait hung on the wall of your bedroom.

Decades back you had to sit in front of the painter for hours and get your own portrait painted from them to have one in your house. Now you just have to send the best of your pictures by an email to the painters and they will get the photos to oil paintings done as per the size.

If you already have one such oil painting then sending the same to the painter is not important. You just have to send single pictures and ask the painter to sum up all of them in just oen painting. The background of your choice can be demanded and there can also be change in hair colors or style and clothes too. You can just make changes on whatever you like.

The technology of today allows you to view your photos from oil painting online while it is been painted. The artist will sent you the picture of oil paintings from photo and you can monitor every little bit of it. In case you want any changes in the portrait that you should contact the artist for it. In this way, you can feel like you are an active artist taking part to turn photos into paintings.

Though the technology of making photos to oil paintings is simpler and also reasonable a lot would not like it. But many artists say that the photos to oil paintings will just be too good even years later.

The oil paintings from pictures that the artist creates for you, becomes the most unique and personal gift that you can present to your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

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