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How To Send Money Online Internationally?

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May 26, 2020, 9:47 am → version: 1
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Before you choose your money transfer provider you need to ask yourself, which features are you looking for? Do you need to make an urgent payment that is delivered to your recipient within minutes? Or maybe you want to save as much as possible and send your transfer by the lowest costs? Is the amount significant and you'd rather use a highly reliable service?

When you understand your requirements for the transfer you can proceed to choosing the best transfer option.


Let's start with the research. A quick Google search of a phrase like "send money online" gives literally thousands of different results. And in fact, most of these platforms work well. So in order not to get lost in the amount of offers, you need to compare the best options and filter out the companies, which you won't be interested in.

Compare money transfers. There are various free online tools and sites, which help you compare the transfer prices at different companies. For example, you can use Wirly, where all you have to do is type in how much money you need to send and to which country and the algorithm will automatically compare the costs of your transfers at all of the available money transfer platforms. Then, you will simply see a list, which you can sort by price, speed or customers' reviews.


Read reviews and learn about the first-hand experience. So, you've chosen few of the best transfer platforms for you based on the tools in the previous step. Now, let's learn about the real experience with these companies, as good prices are not enough if the majority of customers aren't satisfied with the quality of the service.

For example, here is a full in-depth TransferWise Review, where the author breaks down their fees, exchange rates and explains how to use the platform. It's important that he covers both advantages and disadvantages of this provider, as that way you can learn what hiccups you can expect.


If you are satisfied with your choice, let's register at the platform. The rules and requirements are different for each provider, however in general you will need to fill in your personal information such as Email, Full Name or Address and in some cases you might be asked to send them a scan of your ID, as reliable transfer companies need to be regulated by government agencies and comply with anti-money laundering policies.


Pay for your transfer with a regular domestic bank wire or other payment method of your choice (like for example ATM, cash deposit at their facility or card payment).

Done! They will now take care of moving your money between borders to your foreign recipient.

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