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5 Ordinary Things That Remove Stains

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Do not let unexpected spots ruin your day or paper tissues! Fight back with products that are in everyone's home. Big blob? No problem! These common household items such as salt, toothpaste and others are extremely efficient and will handle the removal of stains quickly, easily and efficiently.

Salt - Removing Stains From Sweating

Salt is the secret weapon that will help you deal with yellow stains left telltale traces of sweat on your clothes. For this purpose, it is necessary to dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt in 1 litre of hot water and soak the garment until the stain disappears.


Ammonia - Removing Stains From Clothing

Ammonia is an excellent tool for cleaning clothes. It is used differently for different spots, but remember that it must be diluted with at least 50% water before treating silk, wool or spandex.

# Apply ammonia and water in 50:50 on spots of sweat, blood and urine before washing.

# Non-greasy stains can be treated with a mixture of equal parts ammonia, water and detergent for washing dishes. Pour solution into a clean spray bottle and shake well to homogenise the ingredients. Spray the stain and allow the mixture to act for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

# To remove traces of pencil on clothing, use a few drops of undiluted ammonia and then rinse. If this does not help, add a small amount of detergent and rinse again.

# You could even remove the "not laundered" stains - treat with a solution of equal parts ammonia and turpentine, then wash them with detergent.


Baby Oil - Polishing Leather Bags and Shoes

Only a few drops of baby oil applied with a clean soft cloth will revive your favourite old leather bags or shoes. Remember to remove any residual oil after you finish the refreshing process.


Toothpaste - Removes Stains From Ink or Lipstick

When the pen leak in the shirt pocket, try the following - apply a white paste that does not contain gel onto the stain and rub vigorously the fabric. If after rinsing you continue to see the inky stain, repeat the procedure. Similarly, you can treat stubborn stains of lipstick. Here, it is necessary to keep in mind that the procedure is not always effective, and its success depends on the fabric and the type of ink.


Chalk - Removes Grease

Rub the chalk on an oily stain and let it act, absorbing fat, before brushing the dust. If the stain persists, keep rubbing the chalk before you wash the clothes. With the same effect you can remove the line on the collar - vigorously rub traces of dirt before washing. The chalk will absorb the fat that keeps dirt on the surface of the garment.

Special Thanks to a valuable cleaning company for the ideas!

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