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How to make a tractor with recycled materials

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April 28, 2012, 12:33 am → version: 1
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You will need: an orange juice bottle; lots of tape; cardboard; paint; a bottle with a screw top like a tomato sauce bottle; a can of drink; a toilet paper roll; a small cardboard box of something that could fit (a very tight fit) in the orange juice bottle; MORE TAPE.


tildee tutorial imagefirst cut the handle off the orange juice bottle then cut then handle in half and then stick it back on but facing outwards more so that there is a gap between the two halves of it. then tape the coke bottle in the gap with equal sides sticking out so it looks like the picture below


tildee tutorial imagenow get the toilet paper roll and stick that on the opposite end like this


tildee tutorial imagenow you should be starting to see the basic design of the tractor, with the coke bottle and toilet paper roll as the wheels. he next step is to cut off a sliver of the plastic along the top


tildee tutorial imagenow get the cardboard box and stick it to the inside of the orange juice container, then stick 1-2 bits of cardboard on top of that. if your cardboard is thin then you might need more than 1.


tildee tutorial imagenow get you screw top lid and cut of the part of the lid that lets the sauce come out of the bottle so your are left with something like this


tildee tutorial imagenow stick that into the cardboard upside down and add a roof to your tractor


you are now done, hooray! if you wish to paint your now you can or if you wish to make it a little more sturdier you can get some paper and tape it around the edge. *note depending on the bottle the paint doesn't stick as well so you might have to add more than one coat
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