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Final Cut Pro 7: Adding Subtitles

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July 27, 2011, 11:08 am → version: 3
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tildee tutorial imageIn this tutorial you will be shown how to add simple subtitles to your video project in Final Cut Pro 7.

Let's start by adding a new text clip. Click on the film reel icon with the A on it, located in the Viewer window. Select "Text" for both options. Your text will appear in the Viewer window as SAMPLE TEXT.


tildee tutorial imageNow it's time to start making changes to your text. Start by clicking the Controls tab, located in the Viewer window. Here, you can edit the text, font, size, style, etc. Keep in mind, subtitles need to be as readable as possible.


tildee tutorial imageThis next step is optional, but recommended to improve the readability of your subtitles. In the Viewer window, click the fourth tab labeled "Motion". To add a drop shadow to your text, click the "Drop Shadow" checkbox.


tildee tutorial imageNow that you've made your first text clip, it's time to add it to your video clip. Open the "Video" tab, located in the Viewer window, click on your text, and drag it into the Timeline window. It will appear as a text clip. To move, shorten, or lengthen the clip within the Timeline, click on the clip and drag.


tildee tutorial imageTo view your clip, drag the playhead over the clip in the Timeline. A preview of the clip should appear in the Canvas window. To realign the text over the video, click the center of the crosshairs in the Canvas window and drag.


tildee tutorial imageOnce you get your first clip playing back the way you like, you're ready to move on to the next subtitle. Fortunately, you only have to copy and paste from here. When you copy and paste your clip, it will create a duplicate of that clip. The only changes you should have to make are in the text itself.

Shortcut for copy: Ctrl(Command)+C
Shortcut for paste: Ctrl(Command)+V
*Clips will align with the playhead when pasted.


tildee tutorial imageSubtitling can be difficult, especially when multiple people are speaking at once. We will post links to more helpful Final Cut Pro 7 tutorials here once they are created!
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