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Getting rid of a breast Cancer lump...

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So one day, you feel a lump in your breast...Maybe you go for a Mammogram...Then a biopsy...Then a talk with an oncologist who discusses surgery, tamoxifen, chemotherapy, radiation...But this is all happening so fast, & there is so much pressure, & everyone tells you there is no time, & you are going to die if you don't just obey...You are paralyzed...Maybe you tell everyone to just go away...You want to figure this out yourself...Now this is a common reaction...There are many many women who just want to opt out...This is for them...For those women, LIKE MYSELF, who just wanted to opt out...What possibly can you do yourself when you are stuck in this situation?


The first thing you are going to do is buy some Licorice Root capsules...You can take up to 9 of these a day...Do...Licorice Root is a Highly absorbable COPPER that neutralizes PHOSPHORUS...Phosphorus is what makes a lump malignant...It is what makes cancer spread...Taking Licorice root causes "Phenotypic Reversion"...This means that malignant cells return to normal...Make sure you take the full 9 capsules a day...Every day...You can also add to that by drinking Licorice root tea...You can boil Licorice root, the herb, & drink that...Licorice root tincture is very strong & you can drink that straight from the bottle...


The next thing you do is get some Madagascar Periwinkle...It is an herb...Boil about 1/3 of a cup & drink that...The active ingredient is IODINE which lowers calcium...Calcium is what gives a lump bulk...This will shrink the lump...It might make you sleep & induce your period...This is normal...You can lower your dosage if you are too sleepy...You can also just chew a pinch, & swallow it with liquid...


Go on a RAW Plant based diet...Raw is important because cooked vegetables won't give you enough energy & you will feel dizzy & give up...I would make a giant daily salad with avocados, broccoli, Kale, spinach, mixed nuts, sesame seeds,green apples, tomatoes & more with a dressing made of apple cider vinegar, olive oil & some horseradish mustard...You will lose piles of weight & look tremendous & sexy...The diet is crucial...Herbs don't work if you are pigging out...(You can go back to a normal diet after 6 months...But you won't want to by then!)


Walk for 2 hours every day...This is very very far...It will be like 10 km or 6 miles...You need to get your body circulating...You MUST get the exercise...This is more important than anything else & you MUST make time for it...Listen to music to get yourself motivated...Walk on a trail if you can...Experience your Zen...Get Oxygen...Talk to people & pat their dogs...This is a very very healthy part of the process not just for your body but for your mind...


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Every day, stand in some bright light, set your digital camera to MACRO & take a picture close-up of your breast where the lump is...With FLASH ON...Upload it to your computer...In Edit hit ENHANCE...In Effects BOOST it ALL THE WAY...In Adjust also GO ALL THE WAY with Saturation, Contrast, Definition, Resolution, Shadows...Now here is the Subtle thing-SLIDE THE BLUE SLIDER ALL THE WAY TO BLUEST...You will now be able to SEE your lump under the skin...


Most Breast Lumps are composed of Calcium Iron & Phosphorus...So you antagonize the basic lump with, respectively Iodine, Manganese & Copper...But a lump is also made up of what YOU eat...If you drink alcohol, there will be Hydrogen...(antagonize with Oxygen things-Saffron, Goji berries, sundried tomatoes))...If you eat bread things there will be Nitrogen...(antagonize with Carbons-lots of olive oil))...If you eat eggs there will be Aluminum(antagonize with Titaniums-for example hulled hemp seeds are a good Titanium- eat a teaspoon a day)...


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Our Grove Body Part Chart shows 11 body parts, & the two elements that live as opposites in each part...Cancer is an excess type of disease, so the antagonists will all be in the "MINUS" element pile...if you have Lead excess, then add a Zinc...Iron excess, then add a Manganese(like Nutmeg or nuts)...Our books explaining the chart & more can be read for free from our website at


Take a picture of your lump every day to see how you are doing...Make sure to buy some really delicious ingredients for your raw plant based diet so you feel happy about your food rather than feeling sorry for yourself...I lost 36 lbs without even trying to lose weight just by switching to a raw plant based diet...A side effect of my diet, exercise & DIY Chemo program(the herbs) was that I look sexier & fitter than ever before...My husband started getting re-interested! Bonus!(After 18 years of marriage)...Oh also...Either take a high potency Vitamin D3 capsule(I got a 50,000 Iu capsule you take once a week), or cut up some Ginger root every morning & boil it to make some Ginger root tea...(Splenda is fine in any of your teas-artificial sweeteners are just one molecule of sugar to 4 molecules of Potassium-the worst thing they can do is lower your blood pressure-they do NOT cause cancer, that is just gibberish...)The Ginger root or the Vitamin D3(you can take the D3 drops too) will SPEED up all your processes...It just goes faster...These are in the Zinc category...Sunshine is a zinc too-get plenty...(If you live in a cold dark climate like I do, going to a tanning salon can boost your winter Zinc levels too & boost your mood...But beware-you do get wrinkles!! Use the creams & just use it as a mood booster if you are depressed...Not a regular thing...)


Adding the herb Mugwort to your herbal mix with bring MANGANESE into your diet which lowers IRON...iron is what makes the lump hard...You can also just take manganese careful...If your heart starts to feel "IFFY" stop taking the Manganese, you have taken too much...


Cheat with fish or seafood if the raw vegetable diet is too hard...The Iodine there is good for you...I used to throw a tin of smoked mussels or oysters into my salad...& yes, I even ate my salad for breakfast...

Most anti-parasitic protocols include a Titanium(Clove powder), a Manganese(Mugwort or Black Walnut hulls), & a Zinc(usually Wormwood)...These are all MINUS elements on my chart & will HELP cleanse out your system while getting rid of a lump & adjusting your biochemistry back to healthy...Add that to your protocol...(There are several parasite theories of cancer & even I have one-mine is that the parasite is Salmonella Typhi...In my book RepoWoman I discuss that...)


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Good luck & God Bless...I'm Sari Grove...You can write to me at if you have questions, compliments, or success stories...My 6th book, RepoWoman mentions this protocol...I wrote it because I did it myself...Book 3, Book 4, & Book 5 were me trying to figure this out & trying everything...Check those books out in case you were wondering how I got to these answers...Persistence, Faith, a Good husband, & alot of time & energy...

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