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Whoopi Goldberg Stoned In 1992

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January 15, 2018, 7:14 am → version: 1
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Let take a trip down memory Lane Best Price On Cigarettes. It is 1991, the scene, the 63rd Annual Oscars. There are many big stars there among the crowd. One of them is the famous Whoopi Goldberg. She has been nominated for her role in the movie PageMaster. She goes up on stage to accept her award for "best supporting actress". For her speech she appears to be slightly nervous and rambles on about thanking absolutely everyone. I mean everyone! It seemed simple enough, accept your award, give a speech go sit back down. And that was all that it was. Until now. Well, now almost 20 years later a previously unseen video has now surfaced. In the video Whoopi admits that she was actually high when accepting the award Free Shipping Cigarettes Online. To some this may come as a surprise, but I say, does it really matter? Here is what Whoopi had to say about the recent release of the video. mother called and she said, smoked didn you? Whoopi recalled from the clip. know you not supposed to admit that you smoked pot, but because I do it doesn mean you should. cigarettes or pot every now then are my habits. And thought, have got to relax. So I smoked a joint of my homegrown, the video reveals. So, here are my thoughts on this news story about Whoopi Goldberg Really Cheap Cigarettes. Apparently, people find that odd that she may have smoked a joint or two every once and a while. What really interesting about this story is that the act took place all the way back in 1991. My opinion is so what Discount Online Cigarettes. So what if she likes to calm her nerves before a huge event. Big deal, at least she wasn out drinking and driving, chasing people down like some of the other celebrities have in the past. When it comes to celebrity scandals or mess ups this is fairly mild incident Low Priced Cigarettes. My preference when it comes to smoking is; I don personally like it, I also wouldn deny anybody their right to do what they wanted to. Some people smoke weed, some drink some are just simply high on life.
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