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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope for Past Simple & Past Continuous

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tildee tutorial imageStar Wars IV, the greatest sci-fi movie ever.

It is useful for looking at how past simple works with past continuous.

Remember, we use this grammar form when describing something that was happening in the past.

And, the action is interrupted.

Watch the video and complete the sentences with the correct verb forms.


When Luke _______________(run) to his speeder, OBEWan _______________(shout) "Wait Luke!"

When Luke _______________(arrive) at home, his house ________________(burn)

While Lea _______________(wait), Darth Vader ________________(walk) in.

When Luke _______________(return) to OBEWan's camp, R2D2 & C3PO _____________(stand) there.


tildee tutorial imageWhen OBEWan _____________(say) Luke didn't need ID, the stormtroopers _____________(nod).

While OBEWan and Luke ___________(get off) the speeder, C3PO ____________(complain).

When they ____________(walk) to the cantina, C3PO ______________(tell) R2D2 to hurry up.

When they ____________(enter) the cantina, Kabe _______________ (order) a drink.


tildee tutorial imageWhen they___ ___________ (walk) downstairs, the barman ___________(shout), "No droids in here!"

When Luke _____________(drink) at the cantina, Dr Evazan ______________(threaten) to kill him.

After Dr Evazan _____________(threaten) Luke, OBEWan____________(light saber) Pondo Baba's arm off.

While they _____________(leave) the cantina, OBEWan_____________(tell) Luke about Chewbacca.


Now watch this amazing animation of the same scene. This time YOU will make the sentences. Although some of the sentences can be the same, try NOT to use your 'defter' and see if you get present simple and continuous.
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