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How to Make a SpicyNode

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July 3, 2011, 6:06 am → version: 1
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tildee tutorial imageFirst, go to


tildee tutorial imageChoose a style for your SpicyNode (you can change this later if you want to).


tildee tutorial imageSpicyNodes provides a sample "node" outline. Anywhere that you see a little blue arrow, you can open up to subtopics. This picture has all subtopics in the sample opened up for you.

(To change this information later, use the "Edit Content" tab at the top of the page.


tildee tutorial imageYou can click on the words to change the topics to ones that you want.
a. To delete any lines you do not need, simply click on the blue x to the right of that line.
b. To add a node, click on the blue plus symbol. Be careful, though, when you click the plus sign you add a node UNDER the line you click.

Look at the illustration. The red arrow indicates the plus sign you would use to add a new MAIN topic, and the green arrow shows a node added under a subtopic.


tildee tutorial imageYou can add some additional information to each node. One thing you can do is add a picture or video. To do this, you need to click on the green "Edit details" button next to the node where you want the image or video to appear. You will see options like those in the illustration.

Where the red arrow points, you can choose to add your image or video from a URL or YouTube, or you can choose to upload one from your computer.


tildee tutorial imageYou can also make it so that if someone clicks on your node, it links them to another node or to a website. Within the "Edit details" area, you will see an option for links and can choose an internal (within your node) link or an external (another website) link. Add the URL for an external link.


tildee tutorial imageYou can also change the colors of your nodes or text. If you click on "custom colors" and then on the circle for "text" or the circle for "node" next to the colors option, a palette of colors appears. Along the left side of the crayons are different palettes you can use as well.
After you select your color for the text or node, you can also select to use it in "child nodes." This means that all of the nodes under this one will also have the same colors.


tildee tutorial imageWhen you are finished, preview the node to see how it looks and to make sure that your options all work.

If you like it, you can embed it into your own webpage or get the link to share with others.


tildee tutorial imageYou can also choose to see how your node will look in other "styles" by clicking the "edit style" tab. Your information won't change, but the look of your node will.


Then you are done! Enjoy
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