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Peter & The Wolf

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March 2, 2012, 10:36 pm → version: 12
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tildee tutorial imageFor this week's video Friday, we have something special in store for you.

Instead of a short clip, we are going to show you Peter & The Wolf, which is a animated film that won the 2008 Oscar award.

Peter is a young, thin and lonely boy whose only friend is a duck.

He's often bullied and over-protected by his grandfather.

Peter is curious about the woods, but his grandfather will not let him go there.

The animation and music in the film are absolutely brilliant!

Yet, the most interesting part of it is that not a single word is spoken!


Questions for Comprehension:

Why can’t Peter go beyond the fence?

Who does Peter live with? How does he treat Peter?

Why do characters in the film see Peter as a weak boy?

Describe Peter's grandfather's house? Why is it like that?

Why is his grandfather so paranoid?

Why does he decide to go beyond the fence?

How does Peter react when his only friend is killed?


What act of bravery does he show towards his grandfather?

Why do people's perception of Peter change?

Why do you think he decides to let the wolf go?

What has Peter learned from this whole experience?


Essential Questions leading to a response on Penzu:

Why do old people go out of their way to control the young?

What is it that makes grandchildren obey their older guardians?

What is it with children with their desire to explore and discover the unknown?

Why are we so afraid of the unknown?

How many different guises can bullies appear in?

Should we follow public opinion and do what others want?

How surprised were you with how the style of film with music and no dialog could affect your emotional side?

Explain how you felt at the end, and what it meant to you in terms of a fairy tale.
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