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How To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue?

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October 17, 2018, 12:37 pm → version: 1
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Printer is one of the essential accessories for home and office work because it prints a hard copy of any digital file within a least time period. Including all the brand, HP printer is the most preferable device for every user because it works fast in comparison of others. But while doing some work on HP Printer, all of sudden the users have found their device gets offline. Some of you may tensed and think about how to make it online. The users may don’t know why this happens. In most of the case, users face HP Printer Offline issue when there is no network connection in their computer system. Therefore, in order to have a printer online, it requires a proper network connection.

The printer evolves a communicating with the computer so it can read and spread the document from the hard-drive to the print function. The printer itself does not have a hard-drive and cannot implement without viewing documents. Bringing a HP printer online means it can print documents without a direct connection to the computer. The document is being transferred via remote connection when the printer reads and prints. To get rid of such issue, users have to do settings in their HP Printers as there is a network connection option. However, setting up the printer is easy for a single computer only, but there should be required more effort to bring the printer online for an encrypted and secure network. Here, the helpless users find the all desired procedure of annihilating offline issue.

Solutions To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue

To resolve such an issue, users have to keep their eyes feast on the below steps because here number of different ways have been given.

1. Power Off Your Computer And Printer: You need to power off your computer and printer first and then turn it on. After that your HP Printer may get online. To do so, follow the below points:

Unplug it from the power outlet and unplug your printing device from the computer

Again connect your computer to power cable and turn it on

Now connect your printer to power cable but don't turn it on

Connect your printing machine to computer first and then turn it on

After doing this above steps, your system will find your HP Printer machine and now it is ready to print. But if this is not helpful in terminating offline issue, move to the next method.

2. Make HP Printer Online BY Using Below Steps

Click on the 'Start' menu

Reach to 'Control Panel'

Choose 'Printer & faxes' option

From the given list, right click on the printing device whichever you have and tap to 'Use Printer Online'

Hope! This will fix the problem. But if it also fails, then do the following next procedure.

3. Use the Following Points

Unplug USB that connects printing machine to computer

Tap to 'Start' menu

Now reach to 'Run'. When a windows open, type 'services.msc' in box and then click 'OK'

This brings you at different programs list, scroll down it to find 'Print Spooler',

Do the right click on it from the list and "Restart" your computer

The users can troubleshoot their Offline HP Printer Support Number by using any of these 3- provided solutions. There is one more another way to make your hurdles eradicated from the root and that one is to make cold conversation with deft technicians. They are talented and much proficient in dealing with any type of technical glitches.

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