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How to manage Twitter account with TweetDeck [Basic Musician's Guide]

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How to manage Twitter account with TweetDeck [Basic Musician's Guide] 5 by 36 users
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Launch Google Chrome web browser. Install one if you haven't already at


tildee tutorial imageGo to then click Download Now and install the Chrome TweetDeck app from the Chrome Store (there are also Desktop and mobile versions, but let's start with the most convenient one).


tildee tutorial imageOpen a new browser tab (Ctrl + T if you are on PC) and launch the TweetDeck app.


tildee tutorial imageRegister a new account. You will need to enter your email address and a password.


tildee tutorial imageOnce logged in, click the TweetDeck button at the top left corner.


tildee tutorial imageClick Add New Account and choose the account you want to add. You can add various networks, but right now click "Twitter."


tildee tutorial imageIf you are already logged in with your Twitter account (which I encourage you to be), you will be asked to "authorize TweetDeck to use your account." Click Authorize App.


tildee tutorial imageYou will see two default "columns" in the TweetDeck window: Me and Inbox. Me is for mentions (for all your accounts, if you add more than one and, for example, Facebook) and Inbox is for all Direct Messages (DM). Keep these columns.


tildee tutorial imageClick the TweetDeck button at the top once again, and go straight to the Search field (we will be searching "Tweets"). Why do you need this?

E.g. you play in Led Zeppelin (hey Jimmy!) and want to keep track on all mentions of your band name in Twittersphere. You enter the following: "led zep" OR "led zeppelin" -RT

This command will search for "led zep" and "led zeppelin" keywords, without retweets (-RT), so you don't see the same tweets over again.


tildee tutorial imageClick Add Column.


Now, what about reading your followers' Tweets? This thing is social, after all!

This is right, but don't rush into adding a column with tweets by "All Friends," that's useless when you've got over few hundred followers. Make a Twitter List instead, adding only those people you are interested in reading tweets of. Don't know how? Read this simple tutorial


tildee tutorial imageAfter creating your Twitter List, add it to TweetDeck by choosing it in the list beneath your Twitter name.


You can do way more with TweetDeck, but everything above should already make your life on social networks easier and more enjoyable and fruitful.
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