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Using Overdrive Library eBooks on your Sony Wi-Fi Reader

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You can use the Sony WiFi’s built-in Public Library app to borrow and read library ebooks from Overdrive.


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Tap the arrow to get to the second page of the main menu. 


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Tap Public Library.


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To find your library, enter the name of the library or your zip code.


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When your library shows up, tap the arrow on the right.


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This is St. Paul Public’s Overdrive catalog.  You can scroll down to browse the books shown on the screen, or…


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…tap Menu (the 3 vertical lines) to browse categories or Search (the magnifying glass) to search.


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To do an advanced search, tap on the magnifying glass, then Advanced Search below.


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In Advanced Search, you can search by author, title, date added to the collection, subject, ebook format, language, publisher, and awards. Scroll down to see all the options.


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Here, you can also limit your search to only books that are available to check out by checking Only titles with copies available. Checking Additional titles to recommend includes titles your library does not own, but you can suggest that they buy.

When you're done, tap the Search button.


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Tap Account (the icon that looks like a person’s head and shoulders) to access your account.

Bookshelf = Titles you have checked out.

Holds = Titles you have on hold.

Lists = Titles on your wish list.

Settings = This is where you can choose your lending period.


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You can choose 7, 14, or 21 days.  It’s automatically set for 21.


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If the open book icon on the upper-right-hand corner of the cover is dark, the title is available. If it is grayed-out, the book’s checked out, but you can place a hold on it. 

Tapping the ribbon at the bottom of the cover adds the title to your Wish list; a list of titles you’re interested in.  This is not placing a hold.


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Borrow = You can check the book out right away.

Library Copies = what SPPL owns.

Available Copies = what are currently “on shelf.”


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Place a Hold = No copies of the title are “on shelf;” place a hold. When your turn comes up, you’ll get an email and have 3 days to check the book out. (Each copy of can only be checked out by one person at a time.)


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Enter your library card number; you don’t need your PIN.


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Tap Download (EPUB eBook).

When you first check out a title, it has a Return Title button.  You can use this to return the title before you download it.  After you download it you need to return it from your Bookshelf.


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The status message Downloading … will appear in the upper-left-hand corner.


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It will change to Download complete when the ebook is available.


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Your book now appears on the Home Page.


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Tap the cover to open the book and enjoy!


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Ebooks expire automatically, so it is not necessary to return them. You can’t have overdue fees on a library ebook.

However, if you wish to return an ebook early, you can. Tap Books in the lower left.


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To the left of the cover, a little timer icon shows how many days are left on the book. Use a long tap (tap and hold) on the cover to bring up a menu.


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Tap Return Book to return the item. Delete only deletes the ebook from your device, it does not return the item.


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Tap Yes to confirm you wish to return the item.


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You can get a lot of free ebooks legally online. Many of them are in the public domain (not covered by copyright anymore), some of them are promotional, and some of them are not professionally published. You can find a list of sources at

Just be sure that you get books that are in the following formats:




Only Kindle devices/apps can use the Kindle format.


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If you need additional help, on the library home page (, hover your cursor over Books and click on eBooks.

Click on Overdrive.

Click on the question mark icon labeled Help in the upper right .

Here, you can access how-to videos, frequently-asked questions, and device information.


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Discover the Next Generation Experience gives a good overview of the new Overdrive, if you want further help.

If you can’t find your answer anywhere else, click Support to email the library.


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Enjoy your eBooks!

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