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How to write block format essay example

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For ambitious students, creating an essay, in other words, a motivation letter for university entrance is a chance to demonstrate academic ability, originality of thinking and impress with written English skills. Some students like the process of writing, because there is an opportunity to realize their academic skills in the study, to bring worthy arguments.

In this article we will reveal to you this secret. When writing a block essay, the logic, the ability to argue your opinion, competently present information is well developed. The presentation style is more focused on conversational.

Block method compare and contrast essay example

The structure of the block method essay is determined by the requirements for it:

1. The main idea should be clearly expressed, the reader should understand it yourself.

2. Not to add “water” to the text; all information should be indicated essentially

3. The structure must meet standards

4. It must be remembered that each section of the essay should answer one thesis

5. As an author, you must show that you are deeply aware of this topic.

6. In the end, you must have a convincing argument proving your case.

Point by point comparison essay

The procedure for writing an block by block essay usually comes down to three steps.

The composition consists of three obligatory elements: the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. The absence in the composition of one of the elements of the composition is considered as an error and is taken into account when grading.

The difficulty is in writing the introduction and conclusion. These two parts play a similar role in the composition of the work.

The function of the introduction into the topic, to give preliminary, general information about the problem that is behind the proposed topic. The task of the conclusion is to summarize, summarize what was said, complete the text, once again drawing attention to the most important thing.

The most common shortcomings in writing an introduction and conclusion are:

- a statement of general information not directly related to the topic;

- an expression of his own enthusiastic attitude to the work or the author, his desire to be like the author or hero (in this case, the conclusion is filled with exclamatory sentences and sounds like a spell);

- very long, prolonged entry.

When writing an introduction and a conclusion, one should be guided by considerations of common sense and constantly ask myself questions: “How does what I write relate to the topic? Why do I write all this?” It should be remembered that the teacher (examiner) also asks himself to ask such questions while reading the essay. The time factor seems to be quite significant: the exam is limited to four hours, and there is no point in wasting time on the presentation of information that can be noted on the margins of the essay by the teacher's “off topic” note.

Block pattern essay example

Since writer is initially hard to start writing an essay, this article will give an example of writing block essay. As already mentioned, the block pattern essay moves from point to point while responding to short theses. Below you see an example of such an essay. If you still do not have enough time to write an article or you still have difficulty writing an essay, you can always refer to a custom paper writer that will help you in writing. Using the license server, you will be provided with high-quality and unique work.

In many parts of our planet, the state of the environment can be called an environmental disaster. And the number of these points is increasing. We are practically on the verge of a near global catastrophe. And, if humanity does not give priority to environmental issues in all its activities, make efforts to preserve and restore the natural environment, our history may end very soon.

In the ecstasy of the struggle with nature and dissidents, we did not realize two points on which our existence directly depends.

First, humanity exists and develops at the expense of nature. It is foolish to chop the branch on which you sit.

And secondly, it is not a confrontation at all, but mutual aid is the basis of everything on Earth.

While a person was changing the world around him, in order to simply survive, one could find an excuse for him. When he tries to drown a ship on which everything is floating along the ocean of its history, there is no forgiveness for him. And no one will help him. Only by joint efforts, perhaps, achieve well-being.

Perhaps, nevertheless, it is worth finding out what kind of misfortune has overtaken the seven billionth human population.

The list of global problems emerged in the early 70s, when the term "globalistics" itself began to be used, the first models of global development appeared

As another block format essay example, you can also review this article on "ideological criticism essay example".

Block essay writing
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