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CELEBRITY QUIZ featuring Lady Gaga et al

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This exciting activity is designed to test your class friends and their knowledge of celebrity superstars. After you have answered the questions on Lady Gaga, against the clock,you and your friends will choose your own favourite celebrity and make a quiz. You will then prepare a powerpoint slideshow with the questions printed off for your class peers to answer. Once the quizzes have been done, YOU will write an EDMODO, "How do I feel about this activity?" response

Order of slides:

1: Title slide and student's name.
2: Biographical information.
3: What has he/she/they done?,
4: What else have they done (not connected to their career)?
5: Film/Audio clip.
6. Why he/she/they is your favourite celebrity?
7. EIGHT (8) questions that must be printed out on a word document. The questions must be
answerable from the information you present in the bio and other slides


tildee tutorial imageHER LIFE
1. What is Lady Gaga's real name?
2. Is she the oldest child in her family?
3. How tall is Lady Gaga?


tildee tutorial imageHER MUSICAL CAREER
4. Could she play the piano when she was five years old?
5. How old was she when was composing her own songs?
6. What was her first big hit?


tildee tutorial imageHER IDEAS
7. Where does her celebrity name come from?
8. Who are her heroes?
9. What is unusual about her?


tildee tutorial imagePROJECT CHECKLIST
A. Choose your celebrity
B. Find out about him/her using the internet
C. Write 8-10 questions about him/her. Think about his/her achievements and ideas. Organize your
questions under headings (like above). Make sure you have the answers to your questions.
D. Make your own PPP-quiz with video and photos. Keep your answers safe.


Essential Questions (EQs)
Why do we all like to follow celebrities?
Why do you think "celebrity" is so important for the media these days?
Do you believe the obsession with celebrity will get even more intense?

Power Point Presentation
on EDMODO, Describe this activity and explain whether you liked or disliked it.
What do you think about this tutorial ?