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How the Investment Loan Calculator works?

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August 4, 2015, 5:42 am → version: 1
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The Investment Loan Calculator aids in the determination of the monthly payment amount, principal loan amount and the percentage interest rate for an Investment Loan.


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Monthly Payment Amount - The monthly amount payable by you for the loan interest may be the similar as the traditional investment plan. The additional costs may be the similar with a traditional investment plan. The leveraged investment has the prospective to create greater returns, since the principal amount invested has an extensive time to grow.


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Principal Loan Amount

The larger amount is invested rather than building a series of little contributions over an elongated period of time. It permits a much greater investment to develop for the complete investment period. It results in the generation of a huge long-term return.


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Percentage Interest Rate

This incorporates the interest rate and establishes the monthly loan payment needed to service the loan.


 The monthly repayments are less in comparison to principal pay off.

 The tax deductions are only liable on the interest payments, and not on the principal repayments.

The calculation of the true returns from a property is made easier.


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How to use the Investment Loan Calculator?

1. Choose what you want to calculate – Monthly Payment, Principal or Percentage Interest Rate.

2. Fill-in the other two variables and then click ‘Calculate’.

For instance, in order to calculate your Monthly Payment, choose Monthly Payment. Fill-in  your Principal loan amount, Interest Rate and then click ‘Calculate’ to get your Monthly Payment.

Percent reinvested - This is the portion of return from the presently planned investment that is going to be re-invested. In case, your planned investment contributes you $3000 every month, and you are reinvesting 60% of the monthly return, then the anticipated amount of reinvestment will be $1,800.

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