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How to write critical theory essay example

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We all had problems with writing essays at school or in college because only a few of us understand how to write an essay. Today we will look at writing an essay on the example of the common topic of critical theory. Before we look at critical theory essay example, we need to understand what critical theory is.

Сritical analysis theory

It is not a secret for anybody that humankind used “critical analysis” even before its precise definition in philosophy appeared. Even the ancient Greeks Aristotle and Socrates described it`s principles in their writings and studies a long time ago. To put it more simply, a critical analysis can be called your personal assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of certain phenomena, conclusions, and ideas on the basis of comparison with other theories and teachings, which also proved their importance and effectiveness.

A critical analysis of the research has the following structure (or plan):


major problems;

facts and information;


ideas, communication, theory;



own point of view.

If you review several critical analysis of an article essay examples, you may notice that the analysis rules may differ. It is the most harmonious to evaluate the source as well as the direct authenticity of the arguments of its author. It would be nice to identify inconsistencies or even violations of logic.

How to write a critical analysis essay step by step

So, what is a critical analysis essay? As well as any essay on philosophical topics, first of all, it should include the following components:

1)The introduction and conclusion should focus on the problem (in the introduction it is put, in conclusion - the author's opinion is summarized).

2)It is necessary to select paragraphs, red lines, establish a logical connection of paragraphs: this is how the integrity of work is achieved.

3)Writing style: essay inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistry. Experts believe that short, simple sentences of various intonation... However, the style reflects the personality traits, it is also useful to remember this.

How to make a plan of your essay? You should not strive to create an ideal plan at once. During the process, it can be edited. Making a plan when writing an essay is generally not necessary, as well as sticking to an already written plan. The absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks is an advantage of this genre. If the author is easier to adhere to a strict plan, then you should take time to make it.

Critical theory definition

Critical theory rejects this world and directs its gaze beyond it. In thinking about art, we also need to distinguish between non-critical, or affirmative, theory and critical theory, which rejects a given art and directs its gaze beyond. The primary task of the critical theory of art is to understand how this art supports this order.

It must identify and analyze the actual social functions of art under capitalism. What is it in reality, this whole field of activity, called art? Any critical theory of art must begin by understanding that the practice of art in its current forms is contradictory.

There are three most striking examples of critical theory, which appeared almost simultaneously at the beginning of the 20th century: the theory of Kant, Marx, and Freud.

What is critical theory in sociology

This theory is most closely associated sociology with the Frankfurt School, created in 1923. The most influential theorists of the first generation were Adorno and Max Horkheimer (1895–1973), although Marcuse, who remained in The USA, after returning from exile in Frankfurt in 1950, had a wider audience.

The main reproach from the critical theory to the “traditional theory” put forward by neo-Marxists is that, in their opinion, sociology mistakenly assumes the existence of a cognitive situation where the “mentally formulated meaning” and the “circumstances of the case” can be contrasted; theoretical representations and "pure" perception of circumstances. This theory, based on the opposition of subject and object in the process of social cognition, is described by Horkheimer as completely “uncritical,” since it does not take into account the fact that circumstance is the identity of subject and object, and their break is a historically conditional and transitory expression of ", which" is ideologized "in the" traditional theory "and" bourgeois "principle of science.

Alternative solution

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