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Moodle: Creating a Hyperlink

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July 18, 2011, 3:57 pm → version: 2
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tildee tutorial imageTurn editing on, if you don't know how to read this tutorial before continuing, In your course find the module you want to add your resource to and click the "Add a resource..." drop-down menu.


tildee tutorial imageScroll down to "Compose a web page" and click once.


tildee tutorial imageAdd a Name and Summary for your Resource.


tildee tutorial imageOpen a new window and copy the URL (web address) of the website you want to link to.


tildee tutorial imageGo back to your course, highlight the text you wish to be a hyperlink, and click the "Insert Web Link" button, which looks like chain links connected, to the right of the anchor symbol.


tildee tutorial imageIn the "URL:" box paste in the web address you copied from the website you want to link to and give it a "Title:" that relates to the link.


tildee tutorial imageThe "Target:" drop-down menu tells the link where to open: in a new window, in the same tab, or in the same window but in a new tab. The safest choice is "New Window" so your students don't lose their place in the course. Then click "OK".


tildee tutorial imageNow you have a hyperlink which will be underlined and clickable. This hyperlink will take you to the website address you pasted into the "URL:" box.


tildee tutorial imageNow click "Save and display" to view your work.


tildee tutorial imageYour text appears as normal, but your hyperlink is a different color and it's underlined, clearly labeling it as clickable.


tildee tutorial imageIn the module you added this "Web page" to, you will see your Resource with the Name you gave it when you created it. You have created a page with a hyperlink in it.
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