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CAN & CAN'T: Blindness the Film

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Added by brentsonr
July 30, 2012, 12:39 am → version: 1
Language: English
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CAN & CAN'T: Blindness the Film 0 by 0 user
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HH likes to try and focus on films that have messages that can be explained by you, while at the same time practising your grammar.

This video, Blindness, is about a horrible virus that starts to make everyone blind.

The scenario is alarming since blindness is surely the worst sense to lose.

If you are blind, you CAN do very few things the same as an able-sighted person :-((


tildee tutorial imageIn your DEFTER SCHMEFTER, make TWO columns: CAN & CAN'T.

Find as many examples from this clip as possible using the appropriate grammar construction as seen in the picture on the left.
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