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Benny's Escape

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Added by brentsonr
January 27, 2012, 10:40 pm → version: 1
Language: English
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Do you know what the word 'tenacity' means? In this week's video, we will watch an example of tenacity, and then discuss how it can positively affect our lives if we display it.


Questions for Comprehension and Discussion:

Should animals and in particular pets (in this context) be kept in cages?

Why does the dog feel instinctively the need to escape from the cage?

How does the dog display his tenacity, and how is he able to overcome his fears?

Which evidence from the video leads you to believe that dogs have feelings?

How do the other dogs feel when the escapist gets free?

What does the dogs’ behavior make you conclude about the need for a community among dogs?

Do you believe dogs conform with humans because they feel they need to or is it because they want to?


Question for your response on Penzu Classroom:

What can we learn from the dog's tenacity?

How could showing some tenacity affect your lives as students?
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