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Personalized Feedback of Student Writing with Screenchomp

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Teachers spend a lot of time and energy helping their students improve their writing skills. Much of that involves correcting student writing and giving suggestions on how they can improve their next draft. Unfortunately, even after all that work, many students don't know what the red marks on their papers mean and don't make the intended changes.

This tutorial will show you how you can use your iPad and the free whiteboard app Screenchomp to help students understand exactly what you were thinking as you corrected their writing.


tildee tutorial imageDownload Screenchomp onto your iPad. Screenchomp allows you to record anything you say or write on your iPad screen and then share it with others via MP4 video file, URL, email, Twitter, or Facebook.

If you don't have it already download it by going to


tildee tutorial imageCreate a Dropbox account and save student writing to your account as a PDF.

If you don't have a Dropbox account you can register for 2 GB of free cloud storage at


tildee tutorial imageSelect the Background library icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.


tildee tutorial imageSelect "Choose From Dropbox"


tildee tutorial imageSelect the student writing piece. It MUST have been saved to your Dropbox as a PDF.


tildee tutorial imageScreenchomp sees the PDF as a image so you can move it, pinch in to make it smaller, or pinch out to make it bigger.

Try to give yourself enough of a margin so you have space to write ideas.

When your PDF is in the right place select "Done"


tildee tutorial imageSelect your pen color and width.

I like to use green in the thinnest width but that is just personal preference.


tildee tutorial imageWhen ready select the red "Rec" button in the lower right-hand corner and wait for the "3-2-1" countdown.


tildee tutorial imageEverything you say and write are now being recorded.

Correct your student writing as you normally would but as you are marking areas that need revision explain why.

TIP: You can scroll up and down in Screenchomp by placing two fingers on your iPad screen at the same time and sliding up or down.


tildee tutorial imageWhen done with your recording select the stop icon (square) in the lower right-hand corner.


tildee tutorial imageYou can preview your video and/or rename it.


tildee tutorial imageWhen ready to share your video, select the "" icon in the lower right-hand corner.


tildee tutorial imageIt will take a few minutes for your feedback to be converted into the proper video format. When done you will be able to choose your video by selecting the screen icon in the upper left-hand corner and selecting the video title.


tildee tutorial imageTap on the "Share" icon on the bottom of the screen. You can then copy the URL and post it on a website, email it to the student, or send it out via Twitter.


You now have several options for using this with your students. Because this feedback is in video format students can watch and rewatch this as needed in the revision process. Teachers who conference with their students can have them watch the video before meeting together to make their conversations more specific and effective. Parents who want to help their children outside of class can also benefit from seeing this feedback.
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