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BRAVE: A Scottish Tale for 2012

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August 22, 2012, 1:53 am → version: 2
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Here is BRAVE, an upcoming animation film from Pixar. It looks like it is going to be awesome, and because of that I decided to make a tildee in celebration of what it might be about. Enjoy the trailer, and then write a penzu to show you have got something from the trailer.


tildee tutorial imageWhy do the "King" and "Queen" appear to be so happy?

EQ: Were there really kings and queens of Scotland 1000 years ago? Check out google for an answer.


tildee tutorial imageWhy do you think the film creators drew the archer like this?

EQ: What is it that makes stereotypes so important for telling stories around the world?


tildee tutorial imageHow do you know these men are not related, and only friends at the show?

EQ:Do some research about the man at the back of the picture. What do you think I want you to look up in Google? A clue: it is connected to the way he looks and what he is "wearing"...


tildee tutorial imageWhy do you think the man does such a rude gesture to his friend?

EQ: Why is a gesture like this so offensive to the audience?


tildee tutorial imageWhat is it that tells you this girl is Scottish?

EQ: Why do women never get portrayed as brilliant warriors or sports people ın movies?
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