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Make a Glogster Poster easy

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August 11, 2011, 7:04 pm → version: 1
Language: English
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tildee tutorial imageGo on to the site and click on "Create Glogster" and once in there, i chose to take all the objects already there and delete them by clicking on them and pressing the button that looks like a trash can.


tildee tutorial imageOnce you've taken all the objects away, you need a background, so click on the button that says "wall" on the tool bar and selct a background.


tildee tutorial imagenow you have the background, you have tio choose what the poster will be about, i just chose "Tutorial" for as deminstration. click on the "text" option in the tool bar and choose what style you would like, and create a title or phrase. click on the bubble or box to insert text.


tildee tutorial imageOk, youve done that, now you can just play around with the tool and do what you like, but i wanna show you the "Grab" tool at the top of the workspace. click on that and choose what you want to insert, Video Audio or Still image, i chose still image. and with your webcam you can take an image and insert it to your poster straight away.


Ok so thats about as much as i can tell you, you have to create your own style and type of poster that you desire, so have fun.
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