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MindMeister: Mind-mapping

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Added by fpucol
August 15, 2011, 10:36 am → version: 1
Language: English
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tildee tutorial imageGo to and if you don't have a free account click "Sign up".


tildee tutorial imageChoose the type of account you want, the free one has enough features to get started with, enter your information and click "Sign up". Follow the instructions and then sign in when you have created your account.


tildee tutorial imageClick on "New Mind Map" or "Import", whichever you want to do, or click on a map you are already working on.


tildee tutorial imageYou start with a central node and you will work in any direction or style you want, just click the "Add" button in the top left to add a new node or hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard to do the same thing.


tildee tutorial imageYou can add a child node by hitting "Tab" on your keyboard and a sibling node by hitting "Enter" on your keyboard.


tildee tutorial imageNode A is a parent node. Node A: 1 is the child node of Node A. Node A:1-1 is the child node of Node A: 1 and the grandchild node of Node A. Node A: 2 is the the sibling node of Node A: 1 and also the child node of Node A.


tildee tutorial imageYou can also link nodes together with the "Add a relationship" button in the top left, this allows you to keep nodes in families but also link them to other important ideas on the other side of the map.


tildee tutorial imageMost of the editing tools are on the right side under "Properties" and you can use this toolbar to edit the text, icons, images, notes, links, files, and tasks.


tildee tutorial imageWhen you are done, or if you want collaborators, you can click on "Share" in the top bar and enter their email addresses and send them a viewing or editing invite. Now you know how to create a MindMeister map, add to it, edit it, share it, and make it your own.
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