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How to Take and Pass an AR Test!

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October 20, 2014, 5:57 pm → version: 3
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READ the book!!!

Yes, there are books that have been made into movies. But the Renaissance Learning test writers create tests which cannot be passed by just watching the movie. Are there exceptions? Of course. But for most book-into-movie tests you must read the book.


Steps to taking the test.

All AR tests must be taken with a monitor. The monitor password is not available to students. The librarian and English teachers all have this password. 


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1. Sign into the Renaissance Learning program.

Username -- first initial and first four letters of last name

Password -- bearcats


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2. Type in title of book or the quiz number. 

3. Click Reading Practice Quiz.

4. Check to make sure the test and the book match.

5. Click Start Quiz.

6. Wait for the monitor to enter password.

7. Take the test.


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8. If you have passed the test, please print the TOPS report. Do not take the TOPS report with you until the page number and signature have been entered by the monitor.

9. Hover over your name in the right had corner, and log out. Please leave the browser open for the next student.


You have successfully taken an AR test.

Remember you don't have to wait until the day pages are due to take a test. Start early! 

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