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The Sights and Sounds of London

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Before we head off for London next week, we are going to spend much of this week researching and discussing varied topics about England and British culture. In order to get you more familiar with some of the most famous landmarks in and around London, we would like to do some research and make a PowerPoint presentation about your favorite one, but this time, using another wonderful, new feature!


tildee tutorial imageCheck out this website:

It has lots of information about British life and culture.


tildee tutorial imageChoose which landmark you would like to present, and let us know. There are so many famous landmarks to choose from, so we do not want two students researching and presenting the same one.


tildee tutorial imageDo some research and create your PowerPoint presentation.

Your presentations must include at least 4 slides with the following requirements:

1- Historical information about the landmark
2- Any interesting or less well-known facts about landmark
3- Why is the landmark so famous? Why did you choose it?
4- Tourist information about the landmark. (e.g. How many people visit it each year?)
5- Pictures of your landmark


But here's the new part! We are going to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a movie!

There are two steps:

One: Prepare something to say for each slide of your presentation, and then record it on PPT! It is best if you record each slide separately.

Two: After you finish your recording, simply save and share your presentation as a video, and Bob's your uncle!

Watch the video feedforward to see exactly how easy it is to do!


tildee tutorial imageSave your videos on your netbooks, and have them ready to show the class on Friday! Rock and roll Hazırlıkers!
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