Amazon Prime to Premiere ‘Like A Dragon: Yakuza’ TV Adaptation This Autumn

Exciting news for fans of Sega’s acclaimed Yakuza video game series as Amazon Prime Video announces the global premiere of a new live-action adaptation, titled “Like A Dragon: Yakuza”, set to captivate audiences on October 25th, later this year.

This eagerly awaited television series will feature the esteemed Japanese actor and model, Ryoma Takeuchi, stepping into the formidable shoes of Kazuma Kiryu, the iconic lead of the Yakuza series. With a career that includes a cameo in Detective Pikachu, Takeuchi is poised to bring depth and intensity to the beloved character. Behind the camera, Masaharu Take, celebrated for his work on The Naked Director, will helm the project as the director, adding his unique storytelling vision.

“Like A Dragon: Yakuza” promises to be an exhilarating journey through two pivotal decades of Kiryu’s life, covering the years 1995 and 2005. Viewers will delve into Kiryu’s origin stories, exploring his relationships, the critical decisions that shaped his path, and the consequences therein. His narrative is one of loyalty, duty, and the unwavering sense of justice that defines him as a Yakuza warrior.

Ryoma Takeuchi shared his enthusiasm and determination for his role, stating, “Being chosen to play Kazuma Kiryu, a character so deeply cherished, is an immense honor. I am fully committed, ready to put my all into this role. Audiences can look forward to the series’ rich tapestry of human drama, the intense conflicts that swirl around Kiryu, and, of course, his electrifying combat scenes complete with his iconic Dragon tattoo.”

Director Masaharu Take expressed his personal dedication to the project: “I have invested my heart, soul, and over three decades of my experience into bringing ‘Like A Dragon: Yakuza’ to life. Interestingly, 2024 is the year of the dragon, which seems like a fitting timeline for our series.”

Masayoshi Yokoyama, head of Ryugagotoku studio and an executive producer on the TV series, reflected on the adaptation process, elucidating the challenge and honor of reimagining the Yakuza universe for television. “Revisiting such an expansive series is daunting, yet if given the chance to recreate any part of this series, this is the vision I would strive for. This adaptation will offer an objective lens into the Yakuza world, promising new surprises and a fresh experience for the fans.”

The series marks a notable milestone for the Yakuza franchise, which has achieved remarkable success over the years, boasting over 21.3 million units sold worldwide. The recent release, “Infinite Wealth”, has further solidified the series’ popularity, achieving record-breaking sales and becoming the most successful Steam launch in the franchise’s history. This adaptation comes on the heels of the franchise’s unexpected yet triumphant success, reminiscent of how Sega once doubted the series’ broad appeal.

The announcement of “Like A Dragon: Yakuza” comes amid a growing trend of video game adaptations, evidenced by the phenomenal success of Amazon’s Fallout series. With Fallout drawing in 65 million viewers within its first 16 days and securing a renewal for a second season, expectations are high for Yakuza’s live-action debut to captivate a global audience, further proving the unique appeal of video game narratives in television format.

As October 25th draws near, anticipation builds for “Like A Dragon: Yakuza”. The series is set to be a landmark addition to Amazon Prime’s repertoire, promising a deep dive into the heart of one of video gaming’s most storied franchises.

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