Among Us Creator Innersloth Launches Indie Game Fund Outersloth

In an exciting development for the indie game community, Innersloth, the masterminds behind the cultural phenomenon Among Us, have embarked on a new venture aimed at supporting up-and-coming indie game projects. The organization, aptly named Outersloth, was unveiled during a keynote at the Summer Game Fest, signaling a new era of opportunities for indie developers.

Forrest Willard, co-founder and CEO of Innersloth, shared that Outersloth’s mission is to offer the type of assistance and deals that they wished were available during their earlier, more obscure days. With a clear focus on funding rather than publishing, Outersloth has positioned itself uniquely within the industry. The company is steadfast in its decision not to engage in owning intellectual property or branching out into areas such as blockchain, web3, or VR gaming, and has expressed disinterest in projects that have already reached the public domain.

Despite its recent launch, Outersloth has hit the ground running with investments in several promising projects. The fund’s portfolio is already shimmering with potential, featuring titles such as Mars First Logistics, One Btn Bosses, Battle Suit Aces, Project Dosa, Rogue Eclipse, and Mossfield Archives. Additionally, collaborations with developers like Strange Scaffold, Visai Games, and Coldblood Inc are underway, some of which are yet to be named, adding an element of mystery and excitement around what’s to come.

The formation of Outersloth comes at a time when the indie gaming sector boasts incredible creative output but faces significant operational hurdles. “The indie game landscape has been flourishing with creativity and innovation, yet the hardships within the industry cannot be overlooked,” Willard remarked, acknowledging the challenges many developers confront in bringing their visions to life. This initiative is seen as a beacon of hope, a chance to level the playing field by offering financial support and freedom to developers who have struggled to find their footing.

Outersloth’s inception is also a gesture of gratitude towards the community that has supported Innersloth throughout its journey. Victoria Tran, the Director of Communications, emphasized this sentiment, stating, “This initiative is our tribute to the players, companions, and colleagues who have been our strength. By aiding in the realization of new games, we not only fulfill our promise but enrich our gaming experiences. The end game? More unique and compelling titles for us all to dive into.”

With Outersloth, Innersloth aims to usher in a new chapter of indie gaming, punctuated by originality, collaboration, and unbridled creativity. The industry, and gamers worldwide, await with bated breath to see the fruits of this groundbreaking venture.

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