Ariana DeBose Dazzles as She Sings and Dances to Kick Off 2024 Tony Awards: ‘This Party’s for You’

Ariana DeBose took to the stage of the Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater in New York City this past Sunday, capturing the spotlight for the third consecutive year as host of the Tony Awards. The 33-year-old Oscar winner, known for her electrifying performances, did not disappoint as she inaugurated the 2024 ceremony with an explosive and choreographically rich performance, co-created with Julius Anthony Rubio.

Joyously commencing the event, DeBose was surrounded by a talented ensemble of dancers, echoing through the theater were the lyrics celebrating the spirit and dedication of theater creators, stating emphatically, “This party’s for you!” Adorned in a shimmering gold outfit that glistened under the stage lights, DeBose’s energy and passion for the arts were palpable as she concluded the performance with a dramatic and breathtaking leap from a platform.

In her opening monologue, the radiant host transitioned to a tone of inspiration and reflection. Donning a “vintage Bob Mackie” ensemble, DeBose shared thoughtful words about the role of theater in society, “Truth is told onstage every night — and twice on matinee days,” she remarked. “The theater is a safe place for us all. And in the most trying of times, art is imperative. Because art reflects society and provides context for the very real situations that we find ourselves in today.” She further highlighted the authentic and live nature of theater, jokingly dismissing the need for any virtual reality enhancements for the evening’s performances.

When the news broke in March that DeBose would be returning as the Tony’s emcee, she expressed her excitement and honor at the opportunity to celebrate Broadway’s finest for another year. Her commitment to facilitating a night to remember for both the attendees and the viewers at home was evident in her eagerness to take on the role once again.

The 2024 Tony Awards saw a vast array of talent being recognized, including Stereophonic—a play set in the 1970s California that follows a rock band on the verge of their big break, featuring original music by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler. Another notable mention was the jukebox musical Hell’s Kitchen, inspired by and set to the music of Alicia Keys, which earned nominations across several categories.

DeBose’s leverage of her platform extends beyond the Tony Awards, having made a memorable impact at the previous year’s BAFTAs with a rap homage to female nominees. Yet, it’s her ongoing stewardship of the Tony Awards that has solidified her presence in the world of performing arts, showcasing her multifaceted talent and passion for the stage.

As the 77th Tony Awards unfolded live, captivating Broadway aficionados and newcomers alike, it was a night marked by celebration, reflection, and the unifying power of the arts, once again masterfully hosted by Ariana DeBose.

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