ASUS Confirms ROG Ally X with “Very Good Battery”, More RAM

In a recent unveiling, ASUS captivated its audience with details about the upcoming addition to its gaming handheld lineup, the ROG Ally X. Not positioned as a direct sequel to its predecessor but rather as an evolutionary leap, the ROG Ally X promises to address feedback directly from its community and enrich the gaming experience with notable upgrades.

The announcement came through a dynamic video livestream on ASUS’s ROG YouTube channel, where representatives shared insights into what the ROG Ally X will offer. Breaking away from expectations, it was clarified that the ROG Ally X should not be seen as a sequel (thus avoiding the name ROG Ally 2) but rather as a significant enhancement on the initial model, putting it squarely in the middle of being an entirely new design and a simple refresh.

While the complete details of the ROG Ally X remain under wraps until the full announcement scheduled for June 2, ASUS has tantalizingly teased some of the improvements made. Foremost among these is the upgrade in battery life – a critical area of feedback from users of the original ROG Ally. Without specifying the exact specifications, ASUS confidently states that the battery performance will be “very good,” suggesting a significant step up from its predecessor.

The device will also see an increase in RAM, enhancing performance capabilities for gaming. ASUS is also introducing updates to the Armoury Crate, a proprietary software suite designed to enhance user interface and organization. This update includes the introduction of a favorites tab for easier access to frequently played games, alongside a new ‘Platforms’ tab designed to segregate games based on their platform, enhancing library navigation.

Additionally, the Armoury Crate update brings a slew of customization options for the home screen, including adjustable tile sizes, reordering capabilities, and even a new backdrop feature for highlighted games. Gamers will appreciate the convenience of the new option to quickly navigate to the Windows uninstall screen for games directly from the game library screen, simplifying library management.

Furthermore, ASUS is set to empower the gaming community with the ability to upload and share profiles for button mappings, opening up new possibilities for customization and sharing among players.

As the anticipation builds for the full announcement of the ROG Ally X, ASUS underscores its commitment to listening to and implementing feedback from its dedicated user base. Whether it’s the battery life, RAM upgrade, or the Armoury Crate’s new features, the ROG Ally X is heralding a new chapter in handheld gaming innovation designed with gamers’ needs in mind.

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