Bethesda Expands Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Upgrade to All PlayStation Plus Members

In a move that delighted fans and rectified a slightly rocky start, Bethesda has announced that the next-generation upgrade for Fallout 4 is now accessible to every PlayStation Plus member, irrespective of how they initially acquired the game. This update is especially significant for those who added Fallout 4 to their library through the PlayStation Plus Collection, as they were initially unable to access the next-gen enhancements that became available last week.

Confusion and frustration had marred the update’s launch, with a segment of the PlayStation community left wondering if they would ever receive the upgrade. Specifically, those who downloaded Fallout 4 as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection were facing uncertainty about their eligibility for the free upgrade, as only PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers seemed to initially benefit from the enhancement offer.

Addressing the oversight, Bethesda swiftly responded to community feedback, ensuring that all PlayStation Plus subscribers, including those with the game from the PlayStation Plus Collection, can now enjoy Fallout 4‘s next-gen enhancements. The company expressed that this inclusivity was their plan all along, emphasizing their commitment to making the upgrade as widely available as possible.

The PlayStation Plus Collection, which was phased out in May of the previous year, had been a boon for new PS5 owners. It provided a suite of PS4 titles, including critically acclaimed games such as Bloodborne, Persona 5, and, crucially, Fallout 4, at no extra cost. This move significantly enriched the gaming library available to PS Plus subscribers transitioning from PS4 to PS5.

While the rollout of the next-gen update demonstrated a few bumps along the way, including some technical hitches with the PC version of the update and an initial lack of the promised Quality Mode for Xbox players, Bethesda has been proactive in addressing these issues. For Xbox Series X owners, the company clarified that the next-gen update aims for 4k resolution and 60 frames per second across all modes, with a Performance Mode that dynamically adjusts settings to hit these targets more consistently.

This update comes at a time when Fallout 4, and the franchise at large, has seen renewed interest, partly thanks to the success of a new television adaptation drawing in both longtime fans and newcomers. However, the update’s timing has also impacted the modding community, with the Fallout London project among those affected by compatibility issues with the latest PC patch. Bethesda’s engagement with the community and swift action to broaden access to the next-gen update, however, signal a positive step towards addressing fan concerns and enhancing the Fallout 4 experience for all.

The move to extend the next-gen update to all PlayStation Plus members, including those who have the game through the PlayStation Plus Collection, demonstrates Bethesda’s responsiveness to its community and dedication to ensuring that players can enjoy their games with the best possible quality, regardless of how they were initially acquired.

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