Important Notice for FAT Brands Inc. Investors Regarding Securities Class Action Lawsuit

New York, New York—A significant legal development has emerged as a renowned investor rights law firm has initiated a class action lawsuit catering to the investors of FAT Brands Inc., covering various NASDAQ listings, including FAT, FATBB, FATBP, and FATBW. This legal action spans from March 24, 2022, to May 10, 2024, a period now recognized as the Class Period, addressing those who acquired FAT Brands securities within this timeframe.

Investors who made purchases during the Class Period are now faced with a pivotal decision—the opportunity to join the lawsuit aiming for compensation without the necessity of any upfront fees, thanks to a contingency fee basis. This arrangement underscores the importance of coming forward before the critical deadline of August 6, 2024. At this juncture, individuals are encouraged to participate actively as lead plaintiffs, a move that empowers them to steer the direction of the litigation on behalf of fellow class members.

Why This Case Matters

The core of the lawsuit highlights allegations of misleading statements and omissions concerning the financial integrity and operational conduct of FAT Brands. It specifically points to the undisclosed improper payments received by Andrew A. Wiederhorn, the company’s former CEO and Chairman, a detail that not only threatened the company with criminal liabilities but also potentially misled investors about the company’s financial status and future prospects. When these undisclosed details finally surfaced, they reportedly led to significant financial losses among investors, sparking the need for legal action.

Choosing the Right Counsel

The firm leading this lawsuit advocates for diligent counsel selection, emphasising a track record of success in similar lawsuits. Through their global advocacy, they have established a prominent practice in defending investor rights, marked by notable achievements and recognition in the legal community, including achieving record-breaking settlements. Their commitment to investor justice is reflected in their consistent top-tier rankings and impressive recovery amounts secured on behalf of investors across the globe. This lawsuit represents another step in their ongoing efforts to fight for investor rights.

Next Steps for Investors

Investors impacted by the events of the Class Period are urged to join the class action lawsuit ahead of the August 6, 2024, deadline. It’s crucial for affected investors to understand that until a class is officially certified, representation by counsel is not automatic. Investors have the freedom to select their legal representation or opt to remain absent class members at this interim stage. Participation as a lead plaintiff is not requisite for sharing in any potential recovery, but timely action is recommended for those seeking to play a more direct role in the proceedings.

The class action lawsuit against FAT Brands Inc. highlights a significant instance where investor vigilance and legal recourse intertwine. As developments unfold, participants and observers alike await the outcomes, underscoring the broader implications for corporate governance and investor rights.

In this evolving legal landscape, keeping informed and taking decisive action remains paramount for investors seeking to assert their rights and potentially recoup losses stemming from these allegations.

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