Precisely Continues to Expand Reach and Capabilities for Data Enrichment and Geo Addressing

In an era where data acts as the backbone of business innovation and decision-making, maintaining data integrity presents a significant challenge for corporations globally. Recognizing this, Precisely, revered for its pioneering stance in data integrity, has announced a strategic augmentation of its data enrichment and geo addressing ecosystem. This expansion brings to the fore an enhanced global Address Fabric and Property Attributes offerings, strengthened by the trailblazing PreciselyID, designed to assist enterprises in harnessing the full potential of location-based insights from their datasets.

As businesses churn out and store address data at an unprecedented rate – with some large corporations in the United States managing over 100 million unique addresses – the quest for accurate and current address information is more critical than ever. The inherent complexity of address data management, encompassing constantly evolving urban landscapes, shifting street names, and varied address formats across countries, underscores the need for robust solutions.

Enhanced Global Address Fabric Coverage

Precisely has significantly extended the capabilities of its Address Fabric solution, now enveloping Great Britain, France, and New Zealand. This expansion enriches the existing coverage that included the United States, Canada, and Australia, aiming to furnish customers with comprehensive and up-to-date lists of physical addresses across these nations.

Designed for seamless integration with any analytical or database environment, the Address Fabric data eliminates the need for specialized geospatial expertise. Enterprises can leverage this information to unlock new opportunities, whether in identifying potential new service areas, enhancing customer targeting through look-alike analysis, or optimizing site selection for business expansion initiatives.

Expanding Property Attributes Insight

In addition to broadening its geographical coverage, Precisely has also enriched its Property Attributes offering in the United States by incorporating 26 new attributes through integration with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data. This comprehensive enhancement includes a vast array of property details sourced from MLS, a critical resource for real estate agents detailing homes on the market.

The Property Attributes solution now encapsulates over 230 distinctive characteristics of properties across almost every county in the United States. This exhaustive data set includes information such as land use, property size, building materials, and the year of construction, thereby offering a granular view of property specifics.

Both the Address Fabric and Property Attributes products utilize Precisely’s superior geo-addressing solutions, anchored by the unique PreciselyID. This identifier ensures consistency and accuracy in location data, paving the way for enriched data analysis through supplementary information layers like demographic details, risk factors, and points of interest.

“An unwavering commitment to enhancing data enrichment and geo addressing solutions underscores our mission to accompany customers on their data integrity journey,” remarked Dan Adams, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Data Enrichment at Precisely. “The PreciselyID lies at the core of our strategy, ensuring effortless address management and data enrichment by offering a deeper, more relevant contextual understanding.”

Precisely stands as a beacon in the data integrity realm, aiding an extensive clientele, including 99 of the Fortune 100, in realizing the utmost value from their data. Boasting a portfolio that spans over 400 datasets with more than 9000 attributes, Precisely recently bolstered its commitment to innovation through collaboration with the Overture Maps Foundation, aiming to catalyze advancements in geospatial technology through shared expertise in location intelligence and data enrichment.

With its dedication to precision, consistency, and contextual insight in data across over 100 countries, Precisely continues to empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions, fostering enhanced outcomes in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

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