Paris 2024 Olympics Opening Ceremony: David Guetta’s Surprising Exclusion

World-renowned French DJ David Guetta, known for electrifying stages worldwide, recently voiced his surprise at not being included in the lineup for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games opening ceremony. Speaking before his concert at the iconic Château de Chambord on a serene June evening, Guetta shared his thoughts on the matter with attendees and media present.

The DJ, whose global popularity ranks him consistently among the top 15 most-streamed artists worldwide, expressed confusion over his omission, especially considering his standings often surpass those of monumental artists like Beyoncé. “If you have the answer, you will give it to me. Because I didn’t understand at all. At the global level, I am still between the 4th and 15th most listened to artist in the world, not just among DJs,” Guetta reflected, hinting at his disbelief and disappointment over not being approached to represent his country in what is considered a national pride event. “And yet, I am French and I love France. That’s how it, unfortunately, turned out!”, he added, highlighting his pride in his French heritage and his willingness to contribute to the event.


The Paris 2024 Olympics promise a groundbreaking approach to the traditional opening ceremony format. Deviating from the standard practice of stadium-based spectacles, the Paris Games Organizing Committee plans a grandiose celebration that aims to “break the codes,” extending the festivities beyond confined spaces into the heart of the city itself. With an expected duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes, the opening ceremony looks to redefine the Olympic experience for spectators and participants alike.

The musical accompaniment for this ceremony is being curated by musical director Victor Le Masne, who is set to weave a rich tapestry of sounds encompassing a blend of pop, authoritative symphony orchestras, vibrant choirs, and the innovative electro loops synonymous with the “French Touch.” Despite Guetta’s exclusion, the committee hints at a diverse soundtrack that also explores “other registers,” aiming to encapsulate the essence of France through a broad musical spectrum. According to the event’s creative designer Thomas Jolly, the audience can anticipate a celebration that pays homage to France’s musical diversity, mentioning a range that includes but is not limited to iconic figures such as Jul, Edith Piaf, and Nathalie Dessay.

As the Paris Olympics seek to innovate by stepping into the streets of Paris for its opening act, the exclusion of David Guetta, a figurehead in the electronic dance music scene and a proud representative of French culture on the international stage, remains a topic of intrigue and speculation among fans and cultural commentators alike. With only a select few privy to the full details of the planned opening ceremony, the reasons behind this decision, and the final lineup, remain shrouded in mystery, fueling anticipation for what is shaping up to be an unprecedented Olympic Games opening ceremony.

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