Forza Horizon 4 to Be Delisted From Digital Storefronts, Xbox Game Pass in December

In a significant development that underscores the challenges of game preservation, the acclaimed open-world racer, Forza Horizon 4, is bidding farewell to digital shelves. The title, celebrated for its dynamic racing experience amidst the picturesque setting of Great Britain, will no longer be available for digital purchase starting December 15, 2024. This unexpected turn comes roughly six years following its initial release in October 2018, marking an end of an era for fans and newcomers alike who hadn’t yet explored its vast, engaging world.

Ownership rights, licensing issues, and partnership agreements have been cited as the primary reasons behind this decision. With the specified date fast approaching, all versions of the game including Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions alongside their additional content will vanish from digital stores such as Steam and the Microsoft Store. This withdrawal also extends to Xbox Game Pass, marking a departure of Forza Horizon 4 from the subscription-based service, therefore denying Game Pass subscribers access to the game henceforth.

Despite this, there’s a silver lining for the community. Players who have previously acquired Forza Horizon 4 or any of its DLCs, regardless of whether digitally or via physical copies, will retain their ability to download, install, and engage in the full spectrum of the game’s offerings. This includes single-player, online functionalities, and multiplayer aspects, ensuring that the title’s vibrant servers continue to welcome existing racers around the clock.

Following this announcement, the DLC for the game has already seen its departure from digital listings as of June 25. Nevertheless, individuals who have invested in the downloadable content can still enjoy their purchases without restriction. In an effort to soften the blow for Xbox Game Pass users who invested in DLC, a complimentary token for the Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition has begun distribution since June 25, targeting subscribers with active, full-paid memberships as of that date. These tokens, deliverable through the Xbox Message Center, introduce a lifeline albeit with an expiration date: June 25, 2026.

Before the curtain falls on Forza Horizon 4’s digital availability, the developers at Playground Games are orchestrating a send-off through modifications to the game’s Festival Playlist. Series 77, marking the final series, promises a celebration of Forza Horizon 4’s enduring legacy from July 25 to August 22. Post this period, the Festival Playlist will no longer be accessible, transitioning into a chapter of the game’s storied history.

As the date for delisting draws near, Forza Horizon 4 is still up for grabs across various platforms including Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game Pass. A sale on the Xbox Store set for July 14 aims to give last-minute buyers a chance to own the game at a reduced rate. Steam users, too, can avail of a limited-time discount, offering the Standard Edition at an attractive price, ensuring fans and racing enthusiasts have one last shot at diving into its expansive, exhilarating universe.

Forza Horizon 4’s impending delisting underlines the transient nature of digital gaming content, reminding the community of the complexities surrounding licensing and rights management. As Playground Games prepares to bid farewell to this chapter, the legacy of Forza Horizon 4’s contribution to the racing genre and its immersive, open-world gameplay will undoubtedly race on in the hearts of players worldwide.

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