DOOM: The Dark Ages Reportedly Set to Thrill on PS5 as Well

Excitement is mounting as the gaming community braces for Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase slated for June 9. The event promises a plethora of announcements, including a global reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. Buzz has also surrounded potential updates and news on a variety of highly anticipated titles such as Perfect Dark, Starfield: Shattered Space, Gears 6, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and even a nod to Blue Dragon among other fan favorites. Amidst these titillating leaks and rumors, there’s a particularly electrifying piece of gossip that’s been gaining traction.

In a whirlwind of speculations and insider tidbits, a new addition to the revered DOOM series, titled DOOM: The Dark Ages, is rumored to be making its grand entrance soon. This installment, emerging from the legendary halls of id Software, is already stirring the pot of excitement and speculation across the gaming community.

Following the initial leak, further details have begun to seep through the cracks of the closely-guarded gaming grapevine. According to sources, DOOM: The Dark Ages won’t just be haunting the corridors of Xbox Series X/S and PC. In a surprising twist, the whispers in the wind suggest this blockbuster title could also be making its way to the PS5 platform.

This news may come as a shock to some, given the tight-knit relationship between id Software (along with its parent company Bethesda) and Microsoft. The assumption was that, similar to Bethesda’s Starfield, the next DOOM iteration would become an exclusive to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem. However, it seems the winds of change are afoot. Microsoft’s recent strategy shifts towards embracing a more multiplatform approach hint at a broader vision for its titles. The anticipation that a franchise as colossal as DOOM could skip PlayStation seemed doubtful to some, and rightly so. The potential for DOOM: The Dark Ages to land on PS5 suggests a significant expansion of Microsoft’s publishing horizons, aiming not to limit their audience base but rather to encompass a more inclusive gaming experience across platforms.

The implications of such a decision are vast, indicating a potentially new era for cross-platform releases within the industry. While the official announcement is yet to cut through the fog of rumors, the message is clear: Microsoft is poised to play a grand game of excitement and inclusion, bringing DOOM: The Dark Ages to a wider audience, and showcasing their titles across as many platforms as possible without restriction.

As the Xbox Games Showcase draws nearer, the gaming community is on edge, awaiting confirmation and further details on what could be one of the year’s biggest announcements. If DOOM: The Dark Ages does indeed make its way to PS5, it may very well set a new standard for how game publishers approach platform exclusivity in the future. Only time will tell how this saga unfolds, but one thing is for certain: the appetite for demon slaying has never been more voracious.

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