A Potential Leak Suggests ‘Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero’ Could Be Arriving This Fall

With anticipation steadily building among the Dragon Ball gaming community, a new piece of information might have finally given fans a date to mark on their calendars for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. Without an official announcement from the developers at Bandai Namco or Spike Chunsoft regarding the game’s launch timeline, speculation has been rampant. However, recent discoveries suggest that the wait could be ending sooner than expected, with hints pointing towards a release later this year.

The rumor mill started churning at full speed thanks to a video release by a notable gaming channel, which cited datamining findings from Bandai Namco’s official site. These findings suggest that Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is slated for release on October 1st, appealing to fans across various platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The source of this speculated release date stems from the analysis and breakdown of game listings on Bandai Namco’s site, which for other titles, has historically included detailed specifics like game titles, unique IDs, and their respective launch dates.

The discussion highlighted that, although some release dates for other games had minor discrepancies, the majority of them accurately aligned with their official launch. This pattern lends credence to the October 1st date for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero being more than mere speculation. Moreover, the choice of a Tuesday for the release date aligns with the industry’s trend for rolling out new titles, potentially allowing for an early access period for those purchasing special editions, though this has not been confirmed by Bandai Namco.

Looking deeper into the series history, fans will find that previous entries in the saga, known as Budokai Tenkaichi in the West, have traditionally seen October releases in Japan. With the North American releases typically following shortly after. Given that Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is uniting the global audience under the “Sparking!” moniker — a title historically exclusive to Japan — it seems plausible that the game will follow this established launch pattern and debut worldwide in October.

While official word from the developers or Bandai Namco remains outstanding, the gaming community is buzzing with anticipation. With summer and its flurry of gaming events around the corner, it’s likely more information or perhaps a confirmation of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero‘s release date will emerge, giving fans something definitive to look forward to in the fall.


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