Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake Faces Backlash Over High Pricing

The recent announcement of the pricing for the Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake has sparked significant controversy among the gaming community, particularly amongst its most loyal fans. The standard edition of the game is set to retail at $59.99, while the Collector’s Edition is hitting shelves at an eye-watering $199. This pricing strategy has led to widespread discontent and outrage across various social media platforms, where fans have been vocal about their dissatisfaction.


Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly critical regarding the price points. One fan expressed their dismay, stating, “I can’t believe you made a collector’s edition so lackaker and overpriced that I may just not get it. Even though I love Dragon Quest so much :/ Also shipping isn’t even included…” This sentiment was echoed by another frustrated fan who opined, “It’s really nice, but that price is often, it’s not worth THAT much, come on. Companies are just getting greedier and greedier with special editions.”

The uproar is not limited to the Collector’s Edition alone; the base game’s price has also stirred controversy. Considering the game’s original debut was in 1988 in Japan and its subsequent western release in 1992, some fans argue that $60 is excessively steep for a game that, while beloved, is 36 years old. The decision to maintain the original 2D art style in the remake—a choice that may not attract newcomers to the franchise—has added fuel to the fire. This choice contrasts with other recent releases that have adopted a similar visual style, such as Octopath Traveler 2, which, despite being a nod to retro gaming, offers brand new content.

It’s important to note that Dragon Quest 3 is no stranger to re-releases, with a notably affordable port to the Nintendo Switch and other modern platforms priced at just $12.49. This makes the steep price tag of the remake even more jarring for a title that has seen numerous iterations over the years.

As the gaming industry continues to grapple with the balance between nostalgia and innovation, the reaction to the pricing of the Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake serves as a testament to the challenges game developers face. The community’s backlash underscores a broader debate about the value of game remakes, the preservation of classic gaming experiences, and the financial expectations placed upon fans. With time, it will become clear how this strategy impacts sales and whether it might influence future pricing decisions for similar projects.

For now, the community waits with bated breath to see how this saga unfolds and whether any adjustments to the pricing might be made in response to the widespread outcry. The discussion around the Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake pricing highlights the delicate dance between honoring a classic game’s legacy and embracing the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

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