“The Sims 4” Embraces Polyamory in Upcoming Free Update with Lovestruck Expansion

Exciting news for The Sims 4 community: the game is set to receive a groundbreaking update that paves the way for polyamorous relationships among its characters. This feature comes as part of the eagerly anticipated Lovestruck expansion, which Electronic Arts (EA) announced is launching on July 25th.

The Lovestruck expansion whisks players away to the stunning locale of Ciudad Enamorada, featuring three beautifully crafted neighborhoods: Vista Hermosa, Plaza Mariposa, and Nuevo Corazón. These settings promise to captivate players with their romantic ambiance and myriad opportunities for love.

One of the highlights of this expansion is the introduction of the Cupid Corner app, a virtual platform within the game that allows Sims to explore their romantic desires. By creating detailed dating profiles, players can delve deeper into their Sims’ preferences, including their irresistible turn-ons and definitive turn-offs, thus enriching the game’s matchmaking dynamics.

Moreover, for those who fancy playing cupid, the expansion offers a path to become a Romance Consultant. This role enables players to guide their Sims through the intricate landscape of love, fostering connections that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The culmination of these interactions, however, is the innovative Romantic Boundaries system. This free update marks a significant milestone for The Sims 4 by introducing the ability for Sims to engage in polyamorous relationships. Through this system, players can set personal boundaries for their Sims, dictating the nature of their romantic and emotional exclusivity. EA describes this feature as a mechanism that “allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships,” thus embracing the complexities of modern romance.


The announcement of the polyamorous relationship option sparked considerable excitement among the game’s fanbase, with many expressing their enthusiasm for both the update and the Lovestruck expansion as a whole.

This move aligns with The Sims 4‘s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The game has previously integrated features designed to reflect real-world experiences more accurately, such as offering players the choice of sexual orientation and pronouns for their Sims. These updates were part of collaborations with LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations, highlighting the game’s efforts to promote a sense of belonging and representation within its virtual world.

In true The Sims spirit, the upcoming polyamory update and Lovestruck expansion promise to enrich the gameplay experience with more depth and diversity, allowing players to explore the many dimensions of love and relationships. As the expansion’s release date approaches, the excitement within the community is palpable, signaling another leap forward in the game’s ongoing evolution.

With the Romantic Boundaries system, The Sims 4 continues to break new ground, offering players unprecedented freedom to explore complex relationship dynamics. This update, alongside the immersive and romantic setting of Ciudad Enamorada, sets the stage for endless storytelling possibilities and personal expression within the game.

As the world of The Sims 4 grows ever more inclusive, players can look forward to not just simulating life, but celebrating its rich tapestry of love in all its forms.

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