SF Arcade Bar “Emporium” Welcomes Industry Insiders with 8 Free Game Tokens Every Monday Night

At the heart of San Francisco lies a vibrant sanctuary for enthusiasts of arcade games and premium drinks, the Emporium Arcade Bar. Recognized for its lively ambiance, an array of vintage arcade games and a bar stocked with a diverse selection of drinks, the Emporium has rolled out a special offer that celebrates professionals in the bar, restaurant, and nightlife industry.

Every Monday night, the Emporium transforms into the ultimate hangout spot for industry insiders, offering 8 free game tokens to those who dedicate their careers to creating memorable nights for others. It’s the bar’s way of giving back and providing a space for these hardworking individuals to unwind and indulge in some well-deserved fun.

The celebration doesn’t stop at free game tokens. Attendees are also treated to an array of drink specials, elevating the night to an unforgettable experience. But perhaps one of the most exciting features of the night is “Console Encounters,” a unique opportunity for guests to dive into nostalgic retro games projected on a massive 50-foot HD screen, bringing old-school gaming to life in an exhilarating new format.

Emporium Arcade Bar’s arsenal of entertainment options extends beyond the digital realm. Guests can engage in friendly competition at pool tables, pinball machines, foosball tables, and an assortment of other classic and contemporary games. The bar takes pride in its finely curated beverage selection, offering patrons an impressive lineup of local craft beers, creatively concocted cocktails, delightful boozy slushies, and a wide range of liquors to satisfy any palate.

Details of the Industry Night:

  • Location: 616 Divisadero St., San Francisco
  • Time: Every Monday from 6 pm to 2 am
  • Admission: Free entry with 8 complimentary game tokens for industry professionals

Emporium Arcade Bar has established itself as a staple in the gaming and nightlife scene since its inception in Chicago in 2012. With a total of six locations across the United States, including three in Chicago, two in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland), and one in Las Vegas, Emporium continues to offer a dynamic social experience. Beyond its vast selection of games and drinks, the bar is adorned with striking murals crafted by local artists, adding to its eclectic charm. Emporium also hosts a variety of events ranging from live music performances, DJ sets, to game tournaments, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Whether you’re an industry veteran looking for a place to kick back after a long day or just someone in search of a lively environment to enjoy classic and contemporary arcade games, Emporium Arcade Bar’s Industry Night offers the perfect blend of nostalgia, entertainment, and craftsmanship, ensuring every Monday night is a memorable one.

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